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Hermespan 03-08-14 09:40 PM

Buying a folder in Taiwan - observations
Taipei Bike Show

A trade show so not geared to riders, but useful so could see numerous (though not *many*) models on one place. A test area with VERY FEW - in fact no folders except a Leisger e-bike to actually ride.

Most frustrating part was not language but that manufacturers appear to not SELL Many folders in Taiwan, selling more in America and Europe. For example while Tern sells 6 of the 7 verge 20" models, it sells only 3 of 8 Link 20"s, zero of the 20" swoops (step-through) and 2 of the eclipse 24" (not sure if that line is folding). Big Tern booth had helpful and we'll-informed staff with a customer-service oriented staff. I was frank that I was a consumer and not in the business and they didn't mind.

Dahon was more low- key and rep allowed me considerable time too but I had the sense that they were busy with wholesale business. One-speed JIFFO suitable for travel portability (see my other post of my wish list), EeZz 3-speed (same weight, not quite as small) and Ciao D7 all interested me.

Zephyr folding e- bike, and Brompton all attracted my attention.

All of the PRC designed and made bicycles struck me as ugly and heavy.

But more important, shopping for a bike here retail is proving problematic. I am in a small town and these premium bikes are more likely to be sold in Taipei or Taichung. What's more the savings of 30% I expected are being eaten up in the high cost of accommodation.

smallwheeler 03-08-14 09:48 PM

this is very interesting. thanks for the info regarding the show. keep us updated regarding your searches and visits to bike shops.

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