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Hermespan 03-09-14 12:26 AM

The Mercedes of warranties and service plans?
Which folding bicycle manufacturer offers an international warranty in a similar way that Apple does? There are features of using an iphone and Mac computer that I do not like but the key feature that sold me on Apple products are the following...

1. Toll- free telephone customer service in English for X months
2. Replacement of glass for third of usual fee (Apple Care +)
3. Free introductory workshops
4. $99 one to one (tutoring) for X months.
5. If it breaks within X months they replace it - no hassle.

I would prefer a problem- free device but the next best thing is superb after sales service. And it has to be international. My job takes me all over.

The third best thing would be a throw away price and no after sales service.

Which folding bike company, big if small, obscure or famous offers the equivalent.

I don't want to buy in Vancouver and find myself in Singapore with mechanical problems.

fietsbob 03-09-14 09:40 AM

Sorry, It's not the best of all possible worlds ..

DoubleDiamonDog 03-09-14 10:52 AM

I don't have an answer to your question but after reading it might suggest changing the name of the thread to:

The Apple of warranties and service plans...

fietsbob 03-09-14 11:06 AM

may like apple pay 4X as much as a PC.. then have a hefty extended warrantee fee.

BruceMetras 03-09-14 11:56 AM


Originally Posted by Hermespan (Post 16561726)

I don't want to buy in Vancouver and find myself in Singapore with mechanical problems.

If you are worried about getting stranded with mechanical problems, get a folding bike with mostly industry standard parts and a good frame warranty.. Bike Friday customer service extends to many overseas countries .. that's how they've grown their brand.. Xootr/Swift just sent a new frame to Australia to replace a 7 year old one that had developed cracks.. some of the internet sellers like ThorUsa are known to service their clients abroad (Dahon/Tern) .. bikes are pretty simple, but if I wanted piece of mind while traveling, simple drivetrains, industry standard parts, good frame warranty would be my considerations..

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