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adlai 03-11-14 09:25 PM

Getting a larger folder on an airline
I've been thinking hard about picking up an old Hummer Mountain bike, foldable, and modifying it some so that it's transportable around. It has 26" wheels.

One tactic for flights that I'm thinking about is separating the bike from the wheels and shipping them in separate containers. Probably would incur like a $20 checked luggage fee...

Could this work? One thing I'm thinking is to put them in soft bags (cheaper) and then around it putting bungie cords to reduce the volume and hopefully keep it from snagging or something.

ThorUSA 03-12-14 08:20 AM

soo lets pretend you find a nice suitcase for the wheels to fit into... what size suitcase you need for the frame and the rest of your stuff ? is it bigger than 62 linear inches ?


fietsbob 03-12-14 08:26 AM

Cargo hold as accompanied baggage with the non folding bikes. ???

might be a lower cost to use a Parcel service and send it ahead on the ground, if you are not crossing Oceans .

rather than as checked luggage .. how many pieces can you handle without an airport Luggage trolley ?

the trolleys are less common in the US , and some places they cannot leave the building ,
like Newark NJ.

You might incur a fee for extra pieces of luggage rather than one for oversize.

guess you must learn which costs less ..

overbyte 03-13-14 08:36 PM

The company that makes S & S couplers (for splitting non-folding bikes into pieces) has several type of cases for packing 26"-wheel bikes to travel, and a lot of information about the size restrictions and ways to pack: Folding Travel Bikes using S and S Machine Bicycle Torque Couplings™.

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