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Hermespan 03-13-14 03:25 AM

Magic Smile Taipei current prices
As in ten minutes ago...

1. Dahon 'Dove ' clearly marked for 'Domestic PRC. Market only ' and. 'No warranty outside of PRC'. NT9090 one used model not for sale. New stock problem
- Dahon asking for minimum order of 300 pieces. Negotiations underway. Too child size for me and I am only 5'8"

2. Dahon Ciao NT21000 felt good. Love the step through ('girls' bike') but fold will be too large. Feels like a real bicycle though compared to 16"ers.

3. Flamingo London NX7 (called something else here 'BP...') NT27,200 None in stock. Can order.

4. Flamingo FD14. 3-speed NT13000

These are BS display prices. Credit card discount 3% Cash discount 15%

This is not looking promising...

1. Bicycle retailers in Taipei are. *really* constrained for space. I get the impression that their bread and butter is maintenance, repairs and high - end parts not whole bicycles that would require a warehouse the size of an airport terminal (or cheap real estate and thus rent) to keep on stock. Maybe they are not like bookstores, who can send back unsold stock.

2. Taiwan prices are NOT the 30% lower than in USA that I
Had been told to expect. Or *are * they? Someone with current retail prices in San Frsn or Nee York please compare.

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