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gate28 03-15-14 12:12 AM

20 x 1 3/8th?
Can anyone tell me how this size wheel eventuated? Was is a product of the engineering process? Of steel export duties? And why when the Raleigh 20 frame went to USA, did they equip with a 20inch wheel?

My reasons for asking are that the feel of that wheel under a 6' 3" 90KG man is light and responsive.

The BMX for the middle ages?

It's such a natural size - is it like the Golden Section for Clasical architects?

jur 03-15-14 01:30 AM

I am speculating that the US R20 was equipped with tyres that were commercially available in the US at the time.

Tyre sizes are pretty chaotic. See

gate28 03-15-14 02:06 AM

No. I am talking about a natural (see Gravity) size wheel. I ask you, why don't cars have 26inch, 29 inch wheels? The Fiat Uno has a wheel the same size as the R20 Folder!

Racing cars, Formula 1, they have 20 x 1 3/8ths wheels.

fietsbob 03-15-14 09:28 AM

Projecting a Guess >>> There were a lot of 3 speed bikes EA3 26" is that wide,
smaller Brompton wheels are that wide, so why not thought the genii at Raleigh, a 20" too :rolleyes:

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