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jyl 03-21-14 01:38 PM

Help w/ Dahon Boardwalk upgrade?
I'm hoping for some advice on changing out the handlepost and handlebar on my Dahon Boardwalk. It is an older Boardwalk, bought several years ago. It has a seven-speed rear derailleur with a twist-grip shifter. The handlepost does not telescope, the handlebar clamp does not flip open (it has a quick-release that allows the bar to be rotated, a pin in the clamp portion of the handlebar fits in a slot in the clamp to keep the bar centered), and after unfolding you have to rotate the safety catch. I hope that helps identify it.

The goal is to get a lower and more forward handlebar position.

My tentative plan is to buy a Jetstream handlepost from Thor USA, like this one

Handlebars, Extenders and Bar Ends

and install a bullhorn handlebar.

My questions are:
1. Will this handlepost fit on my Dahon?
2. Can I clamp the bullhorn bar directly into the flip-open clamp of the handlepost, or will I have to buy a "stem"?
3. If I do have to buy a stem, is there one with about 80-100 mm length?
4. Is there an integrated shift-brake lever that is pretty cheap (like Tiagra/Sora cheap), and will work with this derailleur? Either new, or something I can find used on eBay?


bhkyte 03-22-14 10:41 AM

Hi you might find some of the threads I have been involved in or started of help
Brompton with dahon adroes stem extender advice

Mezzo upgrade thread

Little pixels thread on fitting a santori stem with qr.

Do you want road race levers or one for straight bars?
May have trouble you have v brakes going for a road race lever. Sora is made in either.

haroldz123 03-22-14 12:28 PM

Hands On Bike: Technical Info and DIY Guides

this fella upgraded most of his bike parts

bhkyte 03-23-14 03:06 AM

On just remembered. There is a goog dahon upgrade artical on the read this first thread.

jyl 03-29-14 01:01 PM

2 Attachment(s)

Here are some terrible (sorry) pics of the handlepost on my Dahon. If that helps?

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