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thugpipe 03-22-14 08:47 AM

anyone use a yak trailer on a 20" bike?
I was looking to get a bit of around town cargo capacity and I like the idea of the Bob Yak single track style trailer attached to my minivelo but I was wondering if the lower attachment point of the 20" wheel would make for ground clearance issues. Anybody have experience with this? Also how is the whole QR skewer attachment thing under load?

fietsbob 03-22-14 11:22 AM

Had one .. the wheel is 16" as they come ..

looking at a picture as a reminder..

so about 7" from bottom of deck to the ground.

the frame tube is straight back to the wheel fork, doesn't angle up or down.

I think with a 26" Wheel the deck was angled up..

the QR is fine , prone to worry ? get 2 .

I personally, Just came to prefer a 2 wheel trailer for utility use ..

BoB.. they added a couple nylon skid blocks on the underside

where you may drag the trailer over curbs , without corner cuts. Etc..

call them maybe they offer another tow fork triangulated for smaller wheels
like they do a length choice .. 1 for 26" and 29er wheels .

gdlerner 03-24-14 02:12 PM

I use to have a yak but bike friday adcice not to use one wheel trailer so I and bought me a two wheels carry freedom y frame I have boths the large and the small one

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