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Mayonnaise 04-23-05 09:01 AM

Hard Drive 1956
Found this tidbit while reading the newspaper, found it interesting;

The year is 1956 and the first-ever hard disk drive lands on the market with a resounding thud. Invented by IBM, the drive is called a RAMAC, weighs about 2,000 pounds, and must be transported on a flat-bed truck.

Its capacity: 5 megabytes, large enough to store a single MP3 file.

In 1980, the hard drive is operated with a washing machine motor. It requires so much power and generates so much heat that a refrigerator-size rack filled with generators, cooling fans and tangles of cables is required to keep it working.

Total weight, including rack, motor and peripheral equipment: about 200 pounds. Total capacity: 1 gigabyte, or less than you can store on two CD-ROMs.

MetalHead90 04-23-05 11:28 AM

Holy crap. *looks at computer* Man we have come quite a ways on technology.

ChAnMaN 04-23-05 11:49 AM

wow....hard to think i have 40 gigs of memory in a device smaller than my wallet....hurray for mp3 players.

MetalHead90 04-23-05 03:45 PM

Seriously man...they are packin' more gigs in 3 inches then I am in my entire computer!

MadMan2k 04-23-05 04:10 PM

They have like 8 gig Compact Flash cards now, crazy stuff. They cost a lot, but oh well...

Supposedly coming out with a 40 gig microdrive before too long also.

I remember having a PC with a 20 MB hard drive from like 1988 or so... it was a 'small form factor' drive compared to that 1gb beast from 1980 :P

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