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FXjohn 04-24-05 07:31 AM

Snow!! In Michigan, Indiana, Ohio
Anyone else suffering today? We got an inch and it's still snowing!~

TrekDen 04-24-05 07:38 AM

Yes, Pittsburgh, and surrounding areas. One inch here on the farm. Fooey!

KrisPistofferson 04-24-05 07:41 AM

It was like 30 degrees this morning, which is highly atypical for down here. I'm reasonbly certain it's the last cold snap, so I got to plant the tomatoes today.

PWRDbyTRD 04-24-05 08:23 AM

it knoxville TN...what the heck?

KirkeIsWaiting 04-24-05 08:40 AM

No snow but 40 mph gusts off of the ocean!
I could do a 25 mile tail wind ride and take a cab home!

MetalHead90 04-24-05 11:22 AM

Sunny and warm here, suckas. But alas I live in such thing as snow here.

Guest 04-24-05 11:35 AM

It snowed in Chicago... plus 35+ mile per hour winds. Winchills in the 20s. This sucks.



madbiker555 04-24-05 07:34 PM

South of me there was 15-20cm... my house only got 2cm :D

trekkie820 04-25-05 08:14 AM

I had to drive through a blizzard last night, there was 18 inches of snow.

Ebbtide 04-25-05 08:21 AM

8" in my yard, a mile up the road (closer to the lake) no snow at all. A mile south of me there is 16". Crazy weather, glad its over.

pj7 04-25-05 08:22 AM

We got about 4 inches or so just outside of Detroit. One of the guys I work with, who lives a little further north, said they got 11 inches there. and I heard that some places around here had 14 inches or so on the ground, YUCK!

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