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RubenX 10-09-15 07:14 PM

The EPIC Battle: Ruben Vs RAID5 Array
The array was created like 6 years ago. It's 4 disks of 2TB each, on RAID5, using the AMD RAID that came on the motherboard bios (AMD). It worked perfectly for years. Like 2 years ago the disks were disconnected and taken out of the cage, safely stored. Now I'm trying to bring the array back online on the same motherboard and it seems this is my predicament:

Disk 1-1: Healthy
Disk 1-2: does nothing....
Disk 1-3: Healthy
Disk 1-4: Shows up as "unassigned"

The RAID software on the mobo doesn't let me assign that 4th disk back to 1-4, and disk #2 seems to be dead.... Fault tolerance can only handle one disk having issues.

After a few reboots I disconnected disks #1 and #3 (they seems ok), then plugged #2 and #4 into a PCI SATA card and booted up. Now Windows 7's disk manager can see the drives #2 and #4 , just doesn't know how to read those partitions created by the AMD Bios RAID software.

The software on the mobo doesnt seem to have any tools to recover from a failure (I should had check that years ago). I wonder if there's any utility out there that could emulate AMD's BIOS Raid, and possibly gimme more options to recover/rebuild.

windhchaser 10-09-15 07:49 PM

me id get the feastest pcie ssd i can find i think some are like 2000mbs now

RubenX 10-10-15 03:12 AM

Meh... This is project seems to be heading for the "on hold" drawer... where projects usually die. Looks like drive #2 and #4 have head crash failures. That's about $1,600 per drive on data recovery for the head swap... and then pray for no scratched platters. Not the kind of money I have laying around. Sucks, kids pics are on those drives

DannoXYZ 10-10-15 03:22 AM

That's a 50% failure rate!!! Unheard of!!! Did you toss the array into a desk-drawer while it was still spinning!&*#!?

Perhaps it was static, much more likely.

no motor? 10-10-15 09:36 AM

Are they going wacka wacka puffa puffa?

bigbenaugust 10-10-15 06:19 PM

First question: Is the array on the kitchen table?

If #2 and #4 have actually physically crashed or they got zapped or something, you're doomed. Send a small pile of $$$$ to a recovery service.

My home NAS (mirrored 1.5TB drives) gets backed up to a dumb old VFAT-formatted external USB3 HDD.

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