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How are those thermostat wars goin'?

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How are those thermostat wars goin'?

Old 01-18-16, 12:24 AM
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How are those thermostat wars goin'?

Mine are pretty easy going this winter, which is expected as we only been married for like a month... plus this is Florida anyways.

How are you guys doing?
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Old 01-18-16, 01:05 AM
What happened?
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I'm it, unless you count Socks the cat, She likes the temp fine and actually, after the wire in the thermocouple failed New Years' Eve and was repaired the wall unit in the living room has covered the entirety of the small house and I can sleep some without covers, until my feet start to cramp some.

And the gas bill was under $60 this time around with plenty of 10s and 20s outside.

It's getting warmer gradually, although it will be a somewhat normal winter, which is good.
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Old 01-18-16, 08:03 AM
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programmable... set it and forget it. It knows what I want and delivers on time daily.
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Old 01-18-16, 09:02 AM
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I've got mine set to go on at 65F, and I'll turn it off before going to bed so it doesn't come on at night. So far its only come on twice this winter for any length of time. It did come on three other times just as I was going to bed so it got turned off almost immediately.
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Old 01-18-16, 09:35 AM
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Bastids. It's 5F here now. House is about 65f but I have a space heater in the bedroom set to 78f.

Three years ago I replaced my old 1953 steel windows with high quality double paned coated, wooden framed windows. I cant seem to get me house warm anymore. It's as if the old leaky windows allowed the air to flow thru the room and now it's not. Crap.
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Old 01-18-16, 09:46 AM
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I turn the catalytic propane heaters (Olympian Wave 300, Mr. Heater Buddy) on when I head out to the cabin, off (Buddy) or low (Wave300) before I crawl into my cold weather hammock setup. In the AM, turn the Buddy on for a few minutes while I dress, and then turn both off for the day. Between the two 20lb propane tanks I started with in the Fall, I don't think I've even used half of them.
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Old 01-18-16, 10:06 AM
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At work? So far so good. It's 6 F out. Eric just opened the garage door to pull a trailer out. Freezing down on the floor now. Up in the rafters where our control room office is, AC set on 73 and the compressor is running only at about 1/4 load. I like it more set at 70 but 73 so far is an ok compromise with the old man here who use to keep turning it up until you entered the room and it was 90 in here.
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Old 01-18-16, 05:51 PM
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My roommate is absolutely insane about the thermostat. Depending on his mood and other unknown reasons, he'll turn it anywhere from 66-80... And he'll also have the heat going but fan on, window open, or the AC going full blast, 100 degrees out, windows open. The other night, I woke up sweating, heat set to 74. I turned it down 2 degrees to 72, woke up shivering awhile later from him turning it down to 66. The guy has to have a thyroid problem or something. His daughter is even worse. When she stayed with us for 2 and half or 3 weeks the electric bill almost tripled.
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Old 01-18-16, 08:40 PM
always rides with luggage
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No war-- it stays somewhere between 66-67 at night and gets taken down to 63-65 during the day. The heat pump is chuggin'.

Thankfully, both kids know how to use blankets now-- last winter, we kept it at 69 all night. Couple that with a miswired thermostat that turned on the emergency heat all the time... it was a very expensive winter last year.

I have also repaired the propane fireplace for this winter (cleaned the thermopile so it lights again), and it does a little good at 25000BTU.
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Old 01-18-16, 09:02 PM
jon c. 
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I like it warm, but fortunately so does my wife. We keep the house at 77 in the winter. In the summer, we're usually set at low 80s.
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Old 01-19-16, 12:01 AM
on by
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57 at night. 63 during the day. My roommates have built-in fur coats and I'm the boss of them...I think.
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Old 01-19-16, 12:06 PM
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My GF keeps the heat at 65 in the winter most of the time. She's still going through menopause and suffering from the occasional hot flash, and 65 is warm enough for her. I joke about going outside to warm up when I'm over there.
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Old 01-19-16, 12:19 PM
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Last night, Wave 300 on high. Outside temps in the low teens, inside AM temps mid-30s, stayed toasty warm through the night in my hammock.
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Old 01-19-16, 01:11 PM
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45f here .. sitting in front of my gas fired Jotul stove soaking up the heat
radiating from its glass window over the faux wood logs and embers.
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Old 01-19-16, 01:50 PM
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no war here. I wear shorts and a tee shirt.
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Old 01-20-16, 06:49 PM
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My wife and I both like it on the cooler side. 65 during the day, 58 at night. Each room programmed individually.
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Old 01-21-16, 03:48 AM
Pedaled too far.
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Entergy is winning. A warm apartment is my only luxury. Sleeping warm is sleeping well.
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Old 01-21-16, 01:44 PM
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I keep the heat off and wear a hat.
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Old 01-21-16, 02:04 PM
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fired up the humidifier 2 nites ago cuz Wifey & I were drying out. only have to to fill one humidifier now cuz 2 kids in college now. yay for small favors
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Old 01-21-16, 02:06 PM
Will G
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We do 74 from 6am-9am, allowed to drop, then back up at 2pm-9pm, then allowed to drop again with the low end set at 64.

Anyone have a NEST thermostat? Opinions?
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Old 01-21-16, 06:30 PM
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No war at my house, my wife read an article once that people get colds more often if they transition between a heated house and a colder outdoors. Fortunately in San Diego it doesn't get that extreme in temperature, and two sides of our townhouse are shared, so we basically turn our heating & A/C off, and deal with it. Dress warmer or sit around with blankets in the winter (I think it's been at least 2 years since the heater's kicked on), sweat in the summer (unless everybody's home and it gets over 90 in the house, then we'll 'invest' in comfort by using A/C to bring it down to 80).
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