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spinnaker 02-19-16 11:43 AM

RIP Harper Lee
Harper Lee, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' author, dies at 89

I am really feeling sad. To Kill a Mockingbird was one of my favorite books and movies. One of several of notable people that I would to have loved to have met someday.

gitarzan 02-19-16 11:54 AM

Rest In Peace.

Jadesfire 02-19-16 12:24 PM

Well, crud. I just got back to my desk and saw this. One of my top 5 favorite books, and such a humble woman. I also daydreamed about meeting her and talking about literature.
On another note, I can't bring myself to read that second book that was released last year. I don't want my feelings for those characters to change.

eschlwc 02-23-16 06:17 AM

read mockingbird for the first time taking the train across north dakota on amtrak's empire builder between chicago to seattle.

it looked mostly like this:

reading her novel put me in a place i did not want to end.

whenever i catch the film now, i always well up during that scene where scout convinces the mob to leave the jail.

Artkansas 02-23-16 11:10 PM

Dill Harris was Truman Capote.

eschlwc 02-23-16 11:22 PM

another great classic film in the same vein as mockingbird is 1950's 'intruder in the dust.'

Zinger 02-24-16 12:31 AM

I read it in the fourth or fifth grade but not for school. I think I was sick in bed when I started it. A long time before I ever saw the movie.

The Halloween stalking part was classic thriller that couldn't really be duplicated in the movie.

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