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phantomcow2 05-06-05 02:29 PM

Windows XP Pro boot disk issue
Alright well im trying to help somebody with their computer here. It really needs a reformat of the hard drive treatment and thats fine, done that plenty of times. I like the 6 disk pack you can download from which has all you need in a step by step until it asks you to insert the Windows XP pro disc in CDROM and go from there. You start by inserting the disc one (also the boot disc primary) and restart. Blah blah it says configuring hardware settings, you know the story. so It comes to the screen where it says "Please insert disc 2 and press enter to continue". However at this screen everything freezes up!! I can't press enter to continue when i have disc 2 in there. I cant press F3 to exit - nothing. Ive tried remaking those discs over and over again with the same result.

So what do i do? Am i stuck doing it the manual way or what? oh, and this computer is a compaq, so im not sure if i need to go through a compaq disk of some sort. When i had one i needed the Compaq Restore disk.

Ziemas 05-06-05 03:22 PM

I've had a similar problem. It seems that for some reason the computer didn't like the old floppies I was using. I made the damn disks over and over again with the same floppies. Finally in desperation I bought a new pack of floppies, made all new disks and it worked.

Did you wipe the drive before you started? I find that often helps.

glock17 05-06-05 03:28 PM

cant boot from the cd or what?

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