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monogodo 05-10-05 04:59 PM

Half my life ago...
Half my life ago...

I was going to college in Sarasota, FL.
I was living away from home for the first time.
I was involved in a game of Assassin.
I worked at the Admissions Office.
I rode a Zebrakenko.
I'd missed the new drinking age cutoff by 2 months.
I was getting paid to go to school.
I thought I wanted to be a mathematician.
I had seen a rare Florida Panther while driving through the Everglades and didn't think anything of it.
I weighed about 80# less than I do now.
I had no piercings or tattoos (I have 5 piercings and 2 tattoos now).
I had never seen the Pacific Ocean in person.
I had never been out of the USA.
I had never flown in a plane.
I had never been to a funeral.
I had attended 2 of my father's weddings.
I had a crush on an older woman (3 years).
I was extremely naive.
I had dated a lesbian and didn't know it.
I had a roommate who was heavily into drugs.
I lived below some stoners who liked to have drum circle meetings at 3am.

ChAnMaN 05-10-05 05:25 PM

Half my life ago.........

I was 8 years old
I was in 2nd grade
I could say my ABC's
I was learning how to finger paint
I had been off training wheels for about a year
My Teachers name was Mrs. Stork
I had no friends

thecosmicmuffin 05-10-05 10:51 PM

Half my life ago,
I got my seecond moutain bike, a Nishiki Stony Point.
I rode to the dirt jumps near my house,
got going as fast as I could (the computer said max of 28 miles an hour)
I went over a jump and became airborn for my first time on a bike.
That was when I realized that i should have checked to see if the bikeshop had put my bike together correctly
I told this to myself as i watched the front wheel come of the bike.
I landed, fork in the dirt, over the handlebars.
I decided i was going to be ok because i was landing in a field of grass.
It was the unkown value of that field of grass that sent me toward the light.
There was a 3 by 3 piece of concrete underneath all the prarie grass.
I was unconcious for about 20 minutes (best I can tell after reviewing the day)
I woke up and put my bike back together
I rode around my neighborhood aimlessly because I couldn't remember where I lived.
a neighbor pointed me toward my house, my dad took me to the hospital.
32 stitches, 2 catscans, one concussion, a plastic surgeon, a few cute nurses, a whole lot of painkillers and all I have left to show for it is a kick ass scar on my right temple.

KirkeIsWaiting 05-11-05 01:18 PM

Half my life ago.....

I quit my job to spend the summer riding a motorcycle through Europe.
I thought my life couldn't get any better. I was wrong again.
I did most anything on a dare.
I bought a Renault LeCar and gave to my little sister for her birthday.
I was a bridesmaid in five weddings.
I witnessed five divorces to follow.
I was given the nickname 'the curse'.
I was never asked to be in another wedding again. thankfully.
I ate meat for the first time in my life.
I watch my mother cry when I told her just how much I liked veal.
I drank mezcal for the first and last time.
I made a friend that I treasure still today.
I rolled an Alfa Romeo into a cabbage field and lived to tell about it.
I was grateful I installed the roll bar.
I found a new nickname, lucky the cabbage patch kid.

operator 05-11-05 02:50 PM

Right... now let's start one where you tell us what you did 34% or any other arbritrary number.

ChAnMaN 05-11-05 04:06 PM

sure why not
22/100 of my life ago

I was 12......
i was in the 6th grade...
I was learning how to do fractions so that when i was older i could figure out what i was doing 22/100 of my life ago.

Dr. Moto 05-11-05 04:17 PM

Half my life ago,

I was halfway through college
I had just met my (future) wife
I was riding an almost-new Motobecane 12 spd. road bike
I was about to embark on my longest bike ride (to date)
I was making pizza in an Italian restaurant 4 nights a week
I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life
My last grandparent had just died
My older sister was about to get married

SpiderMike 05-11-05 04:23 PM

Half my life ago i was 16.
I was about to start first real job. Spent the summer as a Plumber's assistant(aka Ditch Digger) Did that ever screw up my dad's "What you going to do with your life?" speech.
I had two last things to get before I earned my Eagle. Wound up getting it a year later.
Wrecked my first mountain bike. Bent the downtube and toptube.
I had no girl firend, yet thought I would be married before I was 25. I just got married two months ago come tomorrow.
no tats or piercings - I now have short sleeves, and 3 others. I have my ears streched to 2 gauge

ofofhy 05-11-05 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by operator
Right... now let's start one where you tell us what you did 34% or any other arbritrary number.

1/pi of my life ago...

I had just graduated from high school_____-Now I'm in grad school (why, oh why?)
I drove a gold Volvo____________________-I drive a bike
I drove Bridgestone EV Extra Spins________-I still do
I never had more than a sip of beer_______-I drink like a sturgeon
I weighed 77% of what I do now_________-I look 2 months pregnant
I idolized Howard Stern_________________-Haven't heard him in years
I hated Rush Limbaugh__________________-I love Michael Savage
I hated that there rap music_____________-I own a Run DMC CD

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