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thump55 04-26-16 07:48 AM

Anyone here into tops? (the spinning kind)
Just wondering if anyone is into these things...seem to be hearing more and more about them.

Precision metal spinning tops (if you've seen the movie Inception)

Silly or cool?

windhchaser 04-27-16 01:19 AM

I think there cool

skijor 04-27-16 08:06 AM

Not since the early 70's.

Tundra_Man 04-27-16 08:15 AM

Originally Posted by skijor (Post 18722187)
Not since the early 70's.

When visiting my grandmother in the 70's I would play with the vintage Skittles game that my dad/aunt/uncles had when they were a kid.

kknh3 04-27-16 08:52 AM

I always thought it would be cool to have a beefed up version of Battling Tops. I envision a metal dish about 6 feet in diameter with tops 4 - 6 inches tall that weigh a half pound or so. The pull cords would be something like a lawnmower pull start cord. Can you imagine the spin you could put on something like that? It would be a sort of non-powered BattleBots.

Anyone up for it?

rm -rf 04-27-16 09:01 AM


And "Making of"

thump55 04-27-16 09:47 AM

That is some cool stuff...I am always amazed at what people will devote hours and hours of their time to working on.

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