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windhchaser 08-10-16 07:50 PM

she sure shows us age don't matter

texaspandj 08-10-16 07:58 PM

Lay off Lance already, and he's not a woman.
In all seriousness, she shows us what good training and proper preparation can do. Oh and mental toughness and good genes.

Jseis 08-10-16 08:05 PM

When the S.O. and I were in Boise we drove the road known as the Kirsten Armstrong Bikeway: Gains 3500 feet in about 14-15 miles up to Bogus Basin (just under 6000 feet elevation). This was Kirsten's daily TT training loop route of about 29 miles. The City dedicated the Bikeway in her honor after her 1st gold medal.

Lefthook 08-10-16 08:07 PM

Favorite line so far from the Olympics
Kristin Armstrong "Did I win?"

Zinger 08-10-16 08:09 PM

Looks like I've been missing the Olympics. Maybe I'd better turn on the TV.

windhchaser 08-10-16 08:14 PM

I wait 4 years to watch em I hardly will sleep til its over

c0urt 08-10-16 08:56 PM

Originally Posted by Lefthook (Post 18976557)
Favorite line so far from the Olympics
Kristin Armstrong "Did I win?"

windhchaser 08-10-16 09:03 PM

now that's what I call a winner

McBTC 08-10-16 09:05 PM

Remarkable :thumb:

jsharr 08-11-16 08:45 AM

she is crazy good.

bigbenaugust 08-11-16 09:24 AM

That was awesome. I will never complain about my age again. :)

NYMXer 08-11-16 09:37 AM

She is an inspiration to all of us.
We have some very senior bike members in out club that even in their mid 70's, ride in the "A" group and drop younger riders at will. I have nothing but respect for them every time I am strong enough to join in those rides, as often I get dropped too.
I know she is barely half way to mid 70's and certainly not old, but she is up there as far as Olympic ages go and I tip my hat to her!

Jseis 08-11-16 09:49 AM

This really needs to be moved to Pro cycling for the fans.

Jeff Wills 08-11-16 10:30 PM

First athlete to win gold in the same event in three consecutive Olympics. Wowsers.
A friend of mine works at St. Luke's in Boise. I wonder if he runs into Kristin at work.

(Weird connection- Galen Rupp's (the 10,000 meter runner) parents work at Emanuel Hospital in Portland, where I work. I run into them from time to time.)

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