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A hamster being murdered with a toothpick

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A hamster being murdered with a toothpick

Old 08-29-16, 07:50 PM
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A hamster being murdered with a toothpick

"There's a freakin' bat in my hair!"

Along with the customary excited greeting from my dog, this is the sensation that met me at the front door this evening. So, I am making the moves any normal person would make in this spot, like I am washing my hair at hyper-speed. Meanwhile, I am trying to process this quick turn of events: "a wasp, dragonfly???...wtf?!"


Oh, I get it: a frog! They climb the walls when it rains, and he must have been hanging on the door when I opened it, and jumped on my head. The problem now is that the dog is already in murder mode, floundering around like a cat on a three day catnip binge chasing a laser pointer. Better jump smart, little frog!

He did! He settled on my spokes near the front hub, where the dog could not see him. So you're telling me there's a chance? I went off to grab a towel to try to save the frog, but... He jumped off and the dog got him. There were a couple quick catch and release moves, much too fast for me to intervene. They went behind the couch. That is when it began...

I can only describe it as the sound that might be let out by a hamster if you killed it with a toothpick. I never knew a frog could make that sound. I doubt it was in his favor to do so, as the dog loves a squeaky toy. After a minute or two, the dog made me a present of a high school biology exam which was very recently a fully functioning frog. I wrapped him up in the towel and gave him a burial at sea in the creek.

Dang, nature, you scary!
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Old 08-30-16, 01:47 AM
Me duelen las nalgas
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That's a sunnabitten good bedtime story, Harry.

(To quote one of my cousins as a kid, in response to granddad's tall tales.)
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Old 08-30-16, 04:11 AM
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Thank You, David Attenborough.
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Old 08-30-16, 07:59 AM
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Once upon a time...I opened the door to a utility closet that is next to my garage. I step in and all of sudden a baby possum jumps out from behind some items. Frightens the poop out of me. Possums look like bigger rats with sharper teeth to me. My dog, who was standing behind me, leaps out and grabs it by the neck before I can react. Fortunately, the possum played "possum" and my "drop" command got my dog to release it (the drop command has come in handy many times with my dog). Possum ran away, but my dog was very proud of herself.
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Old 08-30-16, 02:32 PM
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Sounds like the time my parents' dog brought us a baby rabbit. You would have sworn it was a squeaky toy when the dog chomped down on it, like how they'll bear down on a rope right before you give it a tug. The sound still haunts my dad.
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Old 08-30-16, 02:46 PM
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When I lived with my mom at the old house, a rabbit decided to make it's nest under a large bush. Well our two 90 pound weimeraners eventually found out their hiding place. After pacing around the bush ALL DAY, the mama rabbit finally decided to make a run for it. It, luckily, got away, but what happened next I really have no words for.

All of the baby rabbits (maybe 6-7 of them) BURST out from under the bush in different directions. You know what your dog looks like when you throw an entire box of tennis balls at them? Well that's what the pups looked like. Darting back and forth between the baby bunnies trying to decide which one to eat. Luckily I got out there in time and grabbed the one who would actually kill one of them (the other dog is a pushover who wouldn't hurt a fly.)

It was a very funny day.
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Old 08-30-16, 08:04 PM
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I was backpacking several years ago enjoying my morning coffee on a small 3' ledge. Just below me in was a baby rabbit hopping around from bush to bush and jumping and yipping occasionally. I watched it for a several minutes then I as walked along ledge the rabbit was startled and ran toward the bottom of the ledge on my left side and just as it reached the mini-ledge out of sight I heard a scream like no other. Freaky loud and shrill. I looked around and didn't see anything so fetched breakfast and sat on the ledge and looked down below me and there was the rabbit in a rattlesnakes mouth. My wife and I then enjoyed our breakfast while we watched the rattlesnake slowly ingest theirs.

The tent site and the snake (May-27-2007):
IMG_5201 copy.jpg

IMG_5228pt copy.jpg

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Old 08-30-16, 10:17 PM
What happened?
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I nominate you for the Nobel Prize in eye-grabbing titles, chewybrian

I don't know nothing, and I memorized it in school and got this here paper I'm proud of to show it.
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Old 09-08-16, 01:07 PM
well hello there
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oh noes!

Two wheels good. Four wheels bad.
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Old 09-10-16, 03:19 AM
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A Carolina Wren got into my house last fall. My cats were on defcon5. I finally caught the little feller with a fishing net. Released it outdoors. The cats took a long time to forgive me.

Then about June this year a chipmunk got in... Cats were curious but did not go ape-shirt like they did on the bird. I got him cornered in a room, closed the door to keep the cats out and opened a window. He couldn't quite get to it, so while he was looking longingly at the great outdoors, I was able to pinch his tail ans set him outside.
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