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This is a excerpt of the random thoughts that spew out of my brain sometimes.
i prefer not to spell check or grammer check, I like to leave it the way it is so I can look back see the personal characteristics of my sometimes incoherent ramblings.

I hope you Enjoy!

I think the first thing I should do tomorrow is make my passwords case sensitive. As I have justed changed all my passwords. I decided to do this after many years of using the same password for everything. I had a girlfriend my freshmen year of highschool who told me she always used stationary objects for her p assword. I decided to do the same thing and it stuck for a bout ten years. It was modified once during that whole time frame. At one point all websites made you use switch to a password that was longer then at least 6 characters. My object did not have at least 6 characters so I started entering it in twice. Then I started telling all of my friends what it was whenever they needed to use some service from my computer. If any of you readers out there can determine what my password was from this post, you are more than welcome to have access to any site that I have forgotten to change. I realized this was a bad idea only after I wass able to go into the control panel on my computer and look at every password I had entered in Firefox(an option under the Firefox preferences panel.) I was unbelievably stunned by this suttle feature I had never seen before. This event prompted a new level of computer security for myself. I decided that no password should be saved anywhere but my brain. As long as it isn't a Logorithm Encrypted password I should have no problem. I will just keep all those passwords in a password protected data file.

I think I can change the way the world views computers. If it wasn't for a very supportive family I don't know if I would believe I could accomplish this task. I am relatively confident that I have some ideas that maybe one day will change the way things work. Of course, I wouldn't be able to pull though if I don't calm down and start focusing on what is right for me. First and foremost, I would like to point out that I should not ever frequent a bar. It is a bad idea and is time for me to stand strong and realize this. There are certain things that I don't need and alchohol is one of them. I can see what it does to people that have an addictive personality.

I have an addictive personality.

Cafeine is also something I think I should avoid. It won't be long before I am fit enough to have the energy needed with out that morning cup (or four) of coffee.

In the area of sleep, I like it alot and think that I should swap my time at the bars for some time on my mattress. It is my big recharging pad. Hopefully soon I will achieve lucid dreaming. Once you realize you are in a dream, I hear you can take advantage of your dream and make things go your way. I think this may be as theraputic as seeing a therapist and getting a back massage at the same time.

The next thing that needs to be avoided is fast food, and truthfully, eating out should be a rare occasion anyways in my current financial state. I have the best cooks in the Chicago area in my family and have become an exceptional cook myself. My parents are almost done with the most beautiful kitchen renovation I have ever seen and cant wait to spend a healthy amount of time cooking and entertaining in that kitchen. A well put together dinner party is a great chance to get a close group of friends closer to themselves and your family.

In case anyone is wondering... Yes I am 23 and I live in my parents basement. My parents and I are recently reunited after four years of living in seperate houses. They moved to Lass Vegas a few years after I moved to milwaukee. 3 years after that we all decided it was time to get back to the windy city. After some wise investing on thier part, some horribly decision making
on my part, I moved back into thier recently purchased house about ten miles from the Chicago City Limits (still in cook county). I moved back after a few years of Art School (Industrial Design and photography) and Community college (gen. eds) But in all reality, I didn't have very many credits at all.

I know that in order for me to be the healthiest individual I can, I need to cut the $hit food, quit drinking, fix me knee so I can get back on my bike and excersice like there is no tomorrow.

I have come to the realization that it is time for me to grow up and take advantage of the unbeleivably forunate opportunity my parents have left me with. They offered to put a roof over my head and pay for school while I work for my father helping out with his Business (Media networks, small business networks and home networks) doing the one thing I have always loved, working with computers. I worked hard to get my Mac Laptop to Have to two boot partitions, Ubuntu Linux and Apple's newest OS Tiger. I am slowly on my way to becoming the person I want to be. It is all coming together with time but I think I have finally realized the serious additude that I need to take with my education and my family. If I am going to change the way the world computes, I need to get cracking!
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I must admit I didnt read all of it, your stick figure dude doing jumping jacks distracted me so I just scrolled down and skimmed it.
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