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capsicum 05-24-05 02:10 AM

This is for people who have lived in, or very near, Huntington Beach.
What is it like?
How big: people, physical size, culture wise, variety of neigborhoods?
How is the air?(I know it's near LA)
Cost of renting a studio/one bedroom apartment, cost of buying a 2 bedroom house(or what ever the low end model is around there)

I just had a sudden thought of moving there, but I don't know much about it.(I'm inquiring about H. Beach specificaly because of a)

The weather and climate here is slowly devouring my psyche; always the same, never cold, never hot, often gray and damp. In other words: the 2 1/2 months of decent weather in the summer doesen't stick to my ribs for the other 9 1/2 months. It isn't just weather, I have multiple reasons for wanting to move.

Roody 05-24-05 10:46 AM

Why don't you get The Places Rated Almanac?

dogbro 05-24-05 01:05 PM

Huntington beach is a "clothing optional" beach. You will like it.

Orikal 05-24-05 03:47 PM

Never lived in Huntington Beach, but had some friends that lived there during the time I lived in San Diego, who I visited from time to time. From what I gather, the rental market doesn't seem too outlandish (at least by SoCal standards), but the areas differ greatly from very laid back, surfer-and-hippie-type-neighborhoods to more upscale yuppie areas. I'd just suggest researching the different areas and maybe visting before taking the plunge.

Real estate, on the other hand, is horrendously expensive. A quick search will reveal the ridiculous prices you'll pay. Depending on the area, I wouldn't be surprised to pay $300K + for an older, very small (and likely in need of updating) 1 or (possibly) 2 bed condo. If it's a single family, expect that to double. The closer you are to the beach, the more you'll pay. I know people do it, but I wouldn't live there if my commute took me to L.A., so you might want to consider the location of your employer.

The few times I visited I was never bothered by smog, etc. from L.A., since (from what I understand) most of that tends to blow eastward towards Riverside, where the air pollution is ridiculous. But then again, I live in Houston now and am still not bothered. :) If you're sensitive to air quality, that's an even better reason to visit.

On the upside, 65-75 degress the vast majority of the year is great (although after a while it really does get boring), fantastic sunsets when the fog is offshore, and just a nice, laid-back lifestyle.

capsicum 05-24-05 06:10 PM

Well the employ would be in H.B. not L.A. so thats not a concern.


i thought clothing optional meant that all the old ugly ass people come out and that pr0n is still the only way to see lots of attractive people nekkid in one place... am i wrong?
Thats right, but clothing optional is about being nekkid not peeping nekkid. Just think how good you'd look compaired to those old ugly ass people.

capsicum 05-25-05 08:38 AM

If I end up with a crappy job somehow(say the company goes under suddenly) a year after I move, could I live there on $10 an hour?

Blackberry 05-25-05 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by capsicum
If I end up with a crappy job somehow(say the company goes under suddenly) a year after I move, could I live there on $10 an hour?

I dunno big guy. I was there once. It seemed pretty nice--if you had money. Good luck!

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