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windhchaser 01-22-17 04:19 PM

woohoooo it may happen finnaly

ahsposo 01-22-17 04:35 PM

uh huh.

locolobo13 01-22-17 06:08 PM

Bowling Green University? Or the Air Force Academy?

ahsposo 01-22-17 07:21 PM

Well I'll be damned! Never thought that would happen...

no1mad 01-22-17 11:06 PM

You're telling me. My wife asked me who's gonna win the Super Bowl- the Pats or Falcons and I was like 'did she just say the Atlanta Falcons?!?'

RubeRad 01-24-17 06:04 PM

Dammit! It wasn't until no1mad I even figured out what this thread is about, and now I know who's in the superbowl and can't humblebrag that I have no idea who's in the superbowl.

Nobody tell me when it is, because not knowing it happened is better than not watching it on purpose.

TankSlapper 01-24-17 07:17 PM

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