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windhchaser 01-26-17 10:32 PM

im to crazy to bike
all the jerks who treat me like i dont have rights to the road and the jerks who throw stuff at me. so i gave up i was afraid id catch up with one of them

rumrunn6 01-27-17 08:33 AM

do other ppl bike in your area? take heart that you are not alone & there are jerks everywhere. cpl yrs ago a cpl kids? squirted water at me as they drove by from water pistols. it was obvious they planned ahead because there were 2 passengers armed, one in front & one in the back seat. they were in a perfectly clean black Cadillac. wealth is no measure of character

HardyWeinberg 01-27-17 10:41 AM

You're in Florida right? Isn't it illegal to not travel by single occupancy car there?

indyfabz 01-27-17 01:27 PM

I'm too sexy for this thread.

windhchaser 01-27-17 02:53 PM

in georgia and i very seldem see other bikers maybe 1 every few days

rumrunn6 01-27-17 03:48 PM

we got room in MA for ya! & unemployment is only 2.8% so you can find a job

RubeRad 01-30-17 03:23 PM

Maybe you can go fan the flames in this thread

windhchaser 01-30-17 04:51 PM

already since i been rideing some one turned right into me and the other times stragt into my rear tire on my felt nine flow ruing rim. the south sucks for bikeing they hate us here.

windhchaser 01-30-17 04:52 PM

Originally Posted by rumrunn6 (Post 19340716)
we got room in MA for ya! & unemployment is only 2.8% so you can find a job

id love to leave georgia its kinda backwards here,,but i would have to sell my home and id miss my family dad sister and uncles

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