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cabana 4 life 05-26-05 03:04 PM

need some web hosting
hello i am wondering if any one here has a web hosting company im looking for a new one please let me know


citizen560 05-26-05 03:12 PM

I've used a lot of different ones over the years, and Powweb has been my favorite -

cabana 4 life 05-26-05 07:46 PM

thats not a bad deal but im using dreamweaver and i dont know if it supports that

citizen560 05-26-05 09:08 PM

You have to upload your files manually - you can't use Dreamweaver's autoupdate. There's a Powweb forum where people can help you, and they may even have fixed the issue with Dreamweaver's FTP by now (it's been a while since I've needed hosting). I just use a free FTP program for uploading.

JoeTown244GL 05-26-05 09:21 PM

I like Good customer service and a great control pannel

glock17 05-26-05 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by cabana 4 life
hello i am wondering if any one here has a web hosting company im looking for a new one please let me know


I have the ability to host a site, is it a high traffic site? what is the content?

MadMan2k 05-26-05 10:58 PM

I use Dreamhost

Tweek 05-27-05 12:04 AM

I get my hosting free from a large Amsterdam Datacenter, thank's to a friend over in the NL, he hooked me up, but if I were to get my own hosting I'd go with their prices are a little higher than others but compared to thoes cheap $5 for 100000GB of space deals, A Small Orange has much better reliability and speed. A few of my friends use it and recommend it.

G-Unit 05-27-05 12:42 AM

rykoala 06-01-05 05:26 PM

I run and You can know that your hosting dollars are helping support a fellow bicycle addict. BTW has the most bang for the buck, IMHO. Cpanel control panel looks nice and works well. My own sites are hosted there.

PWRDbyTRD 06-01-05 09:17 PM


recursive 06-09-05 09:48 AM
starts at $4/month, supports php, perl, mysql, ssi, unlimited ftp/email accounts, stats, webmail, decent bandwidth quotas, etc

cryogenic 06-13-05 05:40 AM

I pay $20/mo for 4GB space and 100GB bandwidth.. $10 gets you 2GB/50GB and $5 gets you 1GB/25GB. I've had good luck with 1&1 so far. :)

citizen560 06-17-05 10:13 PM

I just thought I'd come back into this and make an update. I saw a commercial for's special deal on tv - you sign up for any of their products or services (aside from domain registration), and you can register or transfer a domain for $3.99/year. I signed up for their basic hosting (with PHP and MySQL, and 25GB monthly transfer) for $3.95/month and got a new domain for $3.99 (plus $0.25 fee). $8.19 charged to my card, and I'm up and running. That's just about the best deal I've ever seen, and so far I've been happy - easy to use backend, simple FTP instructions, works with Dreamweaver, fast setup, etc etc. I don't know if they still have that deal, but their normal domain prices are pretty decent anyway.

Daijoubu 06-19-05 03:39 AM


Originally Posted by PWRDbyTRD

Do a search on them over at (biggest forum about hosting) and you'll see


Originally Posted by cryogenic
I pay $20/mo for 4GB space and 100GB bandwidth

20 cents a GB of bandwidth is overselling, if everyone used 100GB (if thier network infrastructure allow so), they'll go bankrupt :D

KingTermite 06-19-05 10:56 AM

Stay away from as they went downhill. They were great when I first started with them....but renewed 2nd year and started having such bad server problems I finally contacted them about it. Not to mention their deal got better, but they never upgraded my account with the extra space and bandwidth.

Called on the server problems and they upgraded me to a new server not telling me it would kill my email accounts. and completely screw up all my CGIs that now have to be reworked and configured.

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