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DnvrFox 05-27-05 06:59 PM

I currently have dial up.

I notice that a lot of motels have wireless.

I am thinking of upgrading, and I have two XP home computers (one is a laptop which we move from room to room) and one W95 older laptop, and which we currently travel with.

I have cable TV with HDTV, and regular phone service (QWEST).

Okay - I am thinking of upgrading to something better (faster) and was seriously considering WI-FI - portability being the number one reason.

Any thoughts on this topic - cost, effectiveness, etc.

We use one of our current home phone numbers (we have two QWEST lines) for a fax line and want to maintain that capability. We want to keep the same numbers for a variety of reasons. We also have two cell phones.

This is all so confusing with VOIP, etc.

So, any technophiles out there able to explain any of this to a non-technophile whose greatest technical ability is plugging the phone into the wall and taking the old laptop on trips and using dialup from the motel?


catatonic 05-27-05 11:54 PM

For Notebook wireless cards, I highly reccomend going to EBay and getting a Cisco Aironet card. They are pretty much the ****. If you look on EBay, you can get the wireless a/b ones for about $50-60. The cool part about them is the driver suite has everything you could desire. Stuff such as signal strength monitoring, so you can be sure if it's your card, or the access point that's screwing up.

Downside is the driver is a bit confusing, but you can PM me for help. Keep in mind I used to work for Cisco, so I'm rather familiar with those cards :) (no, i'm not plugging it because I worked for them...if I was I wouldn't be talking about buying Ebay...they own linksys too and I call those raging peices of flaming monkey crap...)

Oh, and if they fail to include the driver PM me and I'll give you a driver. Their site is such a freaking pain to get anyhting off's like a labrynth.

Here's the breakdown of wireless:

wireless a)
-higher frequency than b (microwaves wont mess up your connection)
-faster than B
-extremely short range
-access points tend to be expensive

wireless b)
-2.4 ghz frequency (microwaves can mess with it)
-11mbps transfer speed
-good range (150 feet in ideal conditions)
-cheapest and most common access points

wireless g
-higher frequency than b (microwaves wont mess with it)
-higher speed than b
-same range as b
-more expensive than b

As for wireless routers, I am a huge fan of netgear. I used to use linksys, but found it's features and reliability to be somewhat lacking.

If you have a cell phone, just drop your phone line and use it...that's what I've done.

I also use cable internet. It's pretty nice overall....not as consitant speed-wise as DSL, but it's plenty fast for 90% of those out there.

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