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timmyquest 05-29-05 11:02 PM

Happy Memorial Day
And thank you for all who have served

samp02 05-30-05 04:08 AM


Tweek 05-30-05 04:09 AM

Nice post Timmy.

B10Cycle 05-31-05 11:49 PM

That's a nice post. Of all of the monuments in DC The Wall is by far the most powerful emotionally. The WWII Memorial is also very beautiful, but the Wall is just awe inspiring. It really is touching.

Stacey 06-01-05 05:19 AM

WTF is so 'Happy' about people dying.

Your'e a sick batsard timbo, regardless of your inclusion of emotionally moving black & white photos.

Let's all have a party, Johnny didn't come matching home.

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