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Tweek 05-30-05 02:45 AM

I have no comment for this video other than what the heck..


Errr typeo in the topic subject line.. Don't blame me, blame it being 4am :P

SpiderMike 05-31-05 12:34 PM

Now lets see him summon the beer trucks

KevinmH9 05-31-05 01:19 PM


Is he psycho too? :D

[bEn] 06-01-05 01:51 AM

Very interesting video. It does make you think whats really out there.....

MattP. 06-01-05 02:05 AM

They call him a prophet....

he claimed that in a week one will come so low that all of Vegas will be able to see it. did that happen? if not, once a "prohet" prophecizes (sp?) something that doesnt happen he becomes a false prohet.

Crazy nut.

capsicum 06-01-05 03:07 AM


Originally Posted by SpiderMike
Now lets see him summon the beer trucks

mmmm space brew.......... :beer:

slvoid 06-01-05 05:53 AM

I wanna see him summon a UFO over washington DC. Let homeland security take care of it and blast it out of the sky.

catatonic 06-01-05 06:40 AM

have em beam down 20,000 bikes in NYC, all of which having this on the toptubes:

HAHHA NYPD owned! Best regards, --The Romulans.

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