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windhchaser 05-28-17 01:47 PM

are there any good Chinese motor scooters
and post a link for them please

Zinger 05-28-17 05:18 PM

Here's a little 50cc retro Vespa copy by Zongshen. I have no idea as to their quality but here's a link:

Welcome To Zongshen Scooters By GekGo Worldwide

50cc NOW $1,549O

I was in Bangkok Thailand in the mid '80s and the Samlor (Tuk Tuk) market then was primarilly Cushman. Now it looks to be more diverse. Here are some Thai made 3 wheelers.

Most of these wouldn't be street legal in the U.S.

windhchaser 05-28-17 07:41 PM

wow there motors are weak compared to honda

fietsbob 05-29-17 08:32 AM

Honda 50s, most seem to stay in the Orient.. Americans feel they need muscle bikes.

GP 05-29-17 11:02 AM

If you consider Taiwan part of China, Kymco.

Zinger 05-29-17 02:01 PM

Originally Posted by GP (Post 19617781)
If you consider Taiwan part of China, Kymco.

ATVs, UXV, Upcoming Events, Latest News and Press - KYMCO USA

There ya go. All the way up to 500 cc.......about $6000

163cc for about $2500

Lots more at the link, with factory warranties and aimed more for the US market.

Zinger 05-29-17 02:08 PM

I remember these little American monsters. My first scooter drives were on a Cushman Husky with a suicide clutch and hand shift fun fun

HardyWeinberg 05-29-17 06:58 PM

The dad of one of my son's friends has a pair of yugoslav like 250cc bikes so not too different from scooters. They are pretty awful and even 2 are not enough parts to keep one running.

no motor? 05-30-17 11:02 AM

From what I remember my motorcycle friends saying years ago, the answer is no.

2702 06-01-17 10:13 PM


thats all you need to consider for cheaper than Japanese.

They are Taiwan scooters and can hang with Japanese performance and reliablility and time.

monogodo 06-02-17 08:41 AM

What GP said.

As for mainland Chinese scooters, when I was shopping for a scooter last year, I asked the Vespa shop next door about them. I had a theory that I could pick up a cheap Chinese scooter as a "starter bike" and upgrade to a Vespa later. The salesman said that he has friends who have done that, and that a couple of them got lucky and got good ones, while others had catastrophic failures which caused serious crashes. He said their service department will work on most scooter brands that they don't carry, (they carry Vespa, Piaggio, Aprilia, Kymco, & Genuine), but that they won't work on cheap Chinese brands because there's no quality control on the original build, and they can't consistently get them to function safely or properly.

I imagine that if you do your own wrenching, and are diligent about checking it over regularly, you could do ok with one.

When my BV 350 was in the shop for a month, the dealer loaned me a KYMCO Xciting 500 Ri. It was a decent scooter. It had the same power rating as my BV 350, but felt sluggish. It didn't handle as well as the Piaggio, either. The only comfortable way to sit on it and ride was with my legs extended forward, like I was cruising on a Harley. While I enjoyed riding it (I put about 500 miles on it), I was very happy to get my BV back.

mconlonx 06-02-17 09:45 AM

2018 Kymco Xciting 400i Scooter Review - First Ride -

J.Higgins 06-02-17 12:17 PM

They've ripped off every Japanese motor technology they can get their hands on. The perfect example here is the "Chonda" engines that Harbor Freight sells. They're close duplicates of Hondas, and they run perfectly well. I know a guy who put one in his John Deere garden tractor, and he runs the ass off it. The Harbor Freight 7000w generator was best buy winner three years in a row. I want to get one, and get rid of my crappy old genny, but I can't stop spending all my cash on bikes right now. So I guess I'd stay clear of the Chinese scooters, but I'm not a scooter guy anyway.

late 06-02-17 01:43 PM

Used Burgman.

J.Higgins 06-02-17 02:35 PM

Used Vespa. Then you'll be stylin'.

2702 06-02-17 06:59 PM

SYM HD200 an incredible hot rod of a scooter 171cc and feels like its 250cc.
I've ridden more motorcycles than I can count and this motor rips like a mother@$#@ at times.

Zinger 06-04-17 03:36 AM

How about a real "limey" murdercycle from India......$5500

Once again I have no idea as to quality nowadays. I'd be hoping that "Lucas" is no longer wiring them.

Tain't no sissy 'lectric starter on that high compression 500 cc single cylinder thumper.
Or at least there didn't used to be.

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