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windhchaser 09-15-17 02:39 PM

I quit riding bikes.
after geting hit by a car and the rude drivers i gave up. and a course then they fianly fixed the edge of the road where i rode my bike

Dirt Farmer 09-15-17 05:30 PM

We can tell. You never post outside of "Foo"

windhchaser 09-15-17 06:28 PM

Originally Posted by Dirt Farmer (Post 19864491)
We can tell. You never post outside of "Foo"

i like foo and the people here. i do have a motorbike i ride 365 days a year

Doohickie 09-18-17 05:10 PM

Well now that they've fixed the road, it's your destiny to get back on the bicycle.

CliffordK 09-18-17 05:13 PM


Johnny Mullet 09-18-17 05:18 PM

If you don't feel safe riding there do some weekend trail riding or something to avoid traffic or find a different route.

windhchaser 09-18-17 06:17 PM

the roads are so nice now not sure where this city got the momneyn to fix them..i dodnt even have a bike at this time

roadfix 09-18-17 06:31 PM

Hey, I don't do cigars and I belong to a cigar forum.

Juan Foote 09-19-17 07:13 AM

Originally Posted by roadfix (Post 19870898)
Hey, I don't do cigars and I belong to a cigar forum.

I love a good cigar, but lack the distinction of taste to be able to aptly describe what I like to others/shop owners. I tend(ed) to keep the wrap off the ones I liked but never seem to have them handy when I need them. I also found that many of the shops carried other brands I wasn't familiar with, nor the owner the ones I was referencing.

...anyway, resume scheduled programming...

Zedoo 09-22-17 12:19 AM

I got old too. I don't ride much now. My bikes will still be there when I'm ready to ride more, by health improvement or unaffordable driving cost.

spinnaker 09-22-17 07:38 AM

No bike trails where you live?? Time to move then.

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