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windhchaser 09-25-17 05:00 PM

I can't stop sneezing.
spent a boat load on wood floors and im still sneezing the sneezes are so powerful. worst is when im on my motorbike with full face helmet there a over the counter med for me

dstrong 09-26-17 08:24 AM

is the sneezing due to the wood floors?

windhchaser 09-26-17 09:31 AM

nah i installed wood floor to gt rid of carpt i was thnking the wood would be better

Zinger 09-26-17 09:53 PM

Painter's particle mask on while working around whatever makes you sneeze.

Whenever I used to ride my bike in east Texas (ragweed) or the Texas panhandle (mesquite) I used to get kenalog shots (a steroid) up in my nose just to get ready for century rides.......not going to don any particle mask when I'm riding a bicycle. If they had PED controls for centuries I probably would have given a positive.

AnthonyG 09-27-17 12:35 AM

I know I shouldn't give medical advice, yet, try some Vit D3.

Do your own research. The recommended dose is one 1000mg capsule a day. The controversial thing I'm going to tell you is that 1000mg a day of Vit D is a pathetic dose so take more. Some people may jump on me for this. Do your own research.

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