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bikemig 02-08-20 08:40 AM

Turning off Netflix autoplay
You can finally turn off Netflix's autoplay, :thumb:

TakingMyTime 02-08-20 08:45 AM

I'm not really sure what that was all about. We had NF for 5 years and I never had anything "auto play". I'm not even sure what they're talking about. I guess it happened to a lot of people.

Shimagnolo 02-08-20 08:57 AM

It was when goddamned video previews would start playing the moment you logged in, before you even had a chance to select what you wanted to see.:mad:
Good riddance!!!

Hondo Gravel 02-08-20 06:16 PM

My satellite internet is too slow for Netflix. I’m lucky if I can view You Tube videos.

wgscott 02-08-20 06:25 PM

Originally Posted by bikemig (Post 21319275)
You can finally turn off Netflix's autoplay, :thumb:

I saw that yesterday and did it immediately.

Arse Technica had a great headline:

Hell freezes over as Netflix finally lets users turn off autoplaying previews

Maybe we're not living the worst possible timeline after all.

tyrion 02-08-20 06:45 PM

Wow, I've never seen auto-played previews on Netflix. Maybe my ad-blockers are blocking them.

noisebeam 02-08-20 08:01 PM

My old Panasonic DVD (with streaming) with overall crappy NF interface doesn't autoplay, but the more current Roku player NF interface does. (or now did)

wgscott 02-08-20 09:02 PM

My AppleTV2 has a netflix app, and it didn't autoplay. It did, however, crash repeatedly. The Roku app we use now is much more modern, and was thus infected with this "feature."

I read somewhere that they wanted to simulate the channel-surfing experience.

Seattle Forrest 02-09-20 12:06 AM

Originally Posted by Hondo Gravel (Post 21319970)
My satellite internet is too slow for Netflix. Iím lucky if I can view You Tube videos.

​​​​​​It was about a cat.

RubeRad 02-10-20 04:29 PM

thx for the heads-up! Always been annoyed by autoplay, hope it is deactivatable (deactivable?) on Roku devices as well, or maybe since it's in the profile it affects all players?

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