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Chrisp72 05-22-20 04:10 AM

Riding and romance

I just discovered this part of the Forum and had something I would like to talk about...

I've just started to see someone and after a short time I feel like there is something there. I'm hoping to do some bicycle camping with her and I've posted in Touring and received some advice on what to try to make it a cycling relationship. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with riding and romance that they can share so I can hear some different advice from different experiences...

Machka 05-22-20 04:37 AM

1. Become friends with someone who cycles.

Chrisp72 05-22-20 05:52 AM

That is good advice. I'm working on getting back into cycling after taking a hiatus from doing any riding. Health issues and life issues. Things are settled now and I'm beginning to put things in motion to get back on the road and do some touring. I had been planning on doing it solo and then fate put someone in my life who likes a part of the equation. I am attempting to try to make it happen and enjoying the process. I have done some research on camping and I've started to get my kit together for that with some help from the touring section of the forum.

no motor? 05-22-20 05:58 AM

Let them set the pace.

Juan Foote 05-22-20 06:31 AM

...heads over to touring to try and get the whole picture...

Juan Foote 05-22-20 06:35 AM

Now that I know what's going on.....OP you easily could have kept this one thread.

First would see if they like to camp out. Many people's idea of camping out is an air conditioned tow behind. Assuming they like to camp out, then perhaps you can see if they like cycling. You mention in the other thread that they don't. I would avoid the whole "trying to change them" aspect so would tread carefully on how you approach this.
Assuming they like to camp, and you convince them they were a cyclist that didn't know it....camping while on a bike is even a whole different animal than that.

Perhaps you could work on the relationship with the person they are, see where it goes, and THEN later on try to introduce them to things you like?

RubeRad 05-22-20 05:18 PM

I have a friend who is a serious road & mountain cyclist. He took a girl on a first date on a tandem bike as a test if she was cool. She was, and they're still married, got kids in middle school now.

indyfabz 05-22-20 07:44 PM

Originally Posted by Juan Foote (Post 21490101)
Now that I know what's going on.....OP you easily could have kept this one thread.

Two threads over there. What does that suggest? PM me if you’d like my opinion.

clemsongirl 05-22-20 08:23 PM

just be who you really are and let her decide if she likes you and what interests you or not.

Chrisp72 05-23-20 03:43 AM

Hello all!

I didn't intend for this thread to continue one that I have posted in Touring but it has become that unintentionally. I was pointed to the Foo section to start up a relationship thread so I posted and here we are.

An update on Sophie and I. We had out second meet up yesterday and all things went well. We didn't discuss going bike touring specifically but I think she's got a weekend warrior mentality so she may consider it. I will ask her today to see if she can bicycle first before I see about a weekend bicycling adventure together. I know we're a good match and building a good relationship now is paramount. However the bicycle touring conversation goes I will be a lucky man to have her in my life.

jack pot 05-23-20 04:16 AM

how do you start a "relationship" in the middle of a plague and how far do you take it :backpedal:

Chrisp72 05-23-20 04:48 AM

Originally Posted by jack pot (Post 21491997)
how do you start a "relationship" in the middle of a plague and how far do you take it :backpedal:

jack pot...I can only tell you how mine started...Online dating and a lot of luck, time, effort and patience. I've been looking for a good relationship for a while now by searching and working on myself. As for how far to take it I really don't know's a strange time we're in. Now there is lots of video calling and texting and talk about what we can do and surprisingly that's enough.

jack pot 05-23-20 07:46 AM
at the very least you have the wisps of dreams :thumb:

Seattle Forrest 05-23-20 02:36 PM

When you introduce her to cycling, use the word "just" a lot. It's just a hill. Just shift to the appropriate great when it's gets hard. It's just 30 more miles. Just don't do that and it'll be better.

Hondo Gravel 05-24-20 08:18 PM

Just do what I tell ya to do and do the exact opposite :roflmao2:You will be fine.

Chrisp72 05-28-20 12:48 AM

So a small update on Sophie and I. We're still seeing each other and continue some good talks. Her daughter has expressed concern as to me moving quickly...a little too quickly for her tastes. Sophie has addressed the matter and has talked to me about it. I understand her point of view and have no problems hasn't dampened my flames. Knowing Sophie has prompted me to try to better my life and I know its a short time but I want to make changes that will improve things for me and will benefit her. I'm looking at becoming a property owner now where before I was always reluctant to put down roots. There's a good organization in Ontario called Options for Homes and they are a non profit that assists people in getting a leg up and a foot in the real estate market. I'm going to apply for a development that is in a familiar area of Toronto, fairly close to where I grew up.

RubeRad 05-28-20 10:12 AM

Dude, there is plenty of oversharing here on Foo, but this just feels like, 'why are you telling me this?' I guess that means I should just unsub from the thread and hope you get the feedback you need from the rest of us.

ps I really hope your full name is Chris P. Bacon

Hondo Gravel 05-28-20 10:18 AM

Chris P Bacon :roflmao2::lol::roflmao:

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