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Hondo Gravel 06-28-20 02:04 PM

Monster Bass
I thought I was going to win the fishing tournament with this monster :lol: being on the water is what it is all about.
I spend too much time cruising around and exploring than I do fishing. LOL

ahsposo 06-28-20 04:21 PM

Gonna feed that to a cat?

tyrion 06-28-20 04:24 PM

no motor? 06-28-20 04:35 PM

I knew he didn't mean Bass Ale.

Hondo Gravel 06-28-20 07:23 PM

The bass went back into the lake to hopefully become a big trophy bass.

Goofball 06-28-20 08:43 PM

Oh, so this isn't about Gene Simmons ? 🎸

Hondo Gravel 06-28-20 08:56 PM

Glennfordx4 06-29-20 10:26 AM

Back in the day a buddy & I used to fish this farmers tiny little pond behind my repair shop. Turns out this pond was full of monster Bass, out of all the places we would fish this itty bitty pond had the biggest fish that were easy to catch ( no one but us fished it ). Here are two pics of me & my buddy Wade showing a couple of the fish we were catching, the 2nd pic is a bass I caught & lost when my line got tangled and snapped, as I was tying on a new lure my buddy dropped his lure right where I was and caught him again, & I got my lure back lol.

indyfabz 06-29-20 10:55 AM

Some guy pulled this out a lake in Philly a few weeks ago.

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