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Seattle Forrest 09-07-20 08:52 PM

First winter storm
It's snowing in Montana. Looks like a few inches at MacDonald Pass. Anybody want to go beat the heat?

genec 09-07-20 09:37 PM

Meanwhile, 121 degrees F in Woodland Hills, just out of LA.
Bit of a drive to MT.

Hondo Gravel 09-07-20 09:38 PM

Yup, that same cold front is suppose to hit here in a few days calling for 80s in the day and 50s at night. Now the latest forecast say it may not make it all the way here. Only 90 today I almost got out a jacket :lol:

berner 09-08-20 05:08 PM

I don't ski anymore but oddly my thoughts have been turning to the slopes for the last week and it does not even get that hot here in coastal Rhode Island. I miss the mountains and a snow covered landscape. In the past, about now i would take the skis down, scrape off old wax, sharpen the edges and iron on a base boat of new wax. We are creatures of habit and ritual.

Seattle Forrest 09-08-20 06:26 PM

There's 3 inches on the ground in Yellowstone.

FiftySix 09-08-20 06:37 PM

We've had some good rain over the three day weekend, which has kept high temps down to 91 F. Brrrrr. :roflmao2:

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