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Wildwood 03-03-21 07:32 PM

Rock n Roll Groups for 50/60/70+ yo Rockers
Hey what happened to a thread Foo'd.?!? :foo:

We were on a diverted thread roll.

Alvin Lee & Ten Years After - even if you just go a minute and a half = you get the vibe.

edit - this might not be my favorite 50+ on the bike cycling song, to keep this thread 50+ appropriate.
so suggest
a tune or two for us vintage rockers.
Give Peas a Chance. :thumb:

Wildwood 03-03-21 07:50 PM

Being Boomer patriotic, this has to be in the top 40 Shorty.

big john 03-03-21 08:57 PM

big john 03-03-21 08:59 PM

ooga-booga 03-04-21 02:03 AM

how about a little bit of bruford, anderson, squire, howe, wakeman, kaye? much yes?

Wileyone 03-04-21 04:19 AM

ooga-booga 03-04-21 04:38 AM

how many of y'all have hit the kinks and the big a row the same day?

Vintage Schwinn 03-04-21 05:12 AM

. As for TYA, they were really dynamite in concert from a visual players perspective, as bassist Leo Lyons was a sight to see..........a supremely unsung bass player that most folks that didn't see TYA live just don't really know....... his crazy way of rocking the bass.., and he does it for every second of every song during the whole show.......never seen anything like that before or since....... (FOR A TRUE VISUAL TREAT from one of Bill Graham's in-house- archival videotapes from his WINTERLAND Ballroom venue in San Francisco on AUG 4, 1975-------entire concert with a quality straight to two track stereo live balanced on the fly mix-----this TYA 8/4/75 video came out with Wolfgangs Vault of Graham's estate of personal archives/packrat tapes-audio/video....)
Go to YOUTUBE and search TEN YEARS AFTER 8-4-75 Winterland.
It has to be one the last concerts of TEN YEARS AFTER as Alvin Lee had done solo projects in 1974.
Anyway, it is the exact TYA line-up, that you see on the video of I'm Going Home on the WOODSTOCK (Aug 69) Festival, and video clips from TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL (AUG 30, 31 Sep 1, 1969) and video clips from ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL (Aug 1970)
Alvin Lee--guitar & vocals, Chick Churchill-organ, Ric Lee--drums, and Leo Lyons on bass
If you've never got to see them, go look at that Winterland 8-4-75 video and also see those others too.
Yeah, Alvin's vocals live and their sonic firepower live was not nearly as polished as their studio albums. Yes, there were a few mindless throwaway blues standards and a drum solo that for whatever reason remained mostly in their set on tour even though they had better songs to choose from. That is just an opinion. They did deliver a heck of rock n roll show. Their RECORDED LIVE album is tremendous if only for I CAN'T KEEP FROM CRYING SOMETIMES etc... and SLOW BLUES IN C and CHOO CHOO MAMA, and I'M GOING HOME................recorded in early 1973 and released about may gotta hear those versions.
The original WOODSTOCK movie soundtrack album has the AUGUST 1969 live I'M GOING HOME which is fantastic, but the 1973 live version is better in recording quality and better than very good.
An official previously unreleased concert CD from 1970 at Fillmore was issued in the late nineties. It is good but sound quality is not as good as RECORDED LIVE.

cb400bill 03-04-21 05:20 AM

No cycling content. Thread moved from 50+ to Foo.

ahsposo 03-04-21 05:58 AM

Rampant senility.

Deal4Fuji 03-04-21 06:21 AM

For all us young dudes now worrying about our organs ( good keyboard tunes )

a great keyboard rush at 5 minutes

Trakhak 03-04-21 06:36 AM

For a series of Ten Years After shows in the early '70s, Alvin Lee insisted on having the rock/jazz band Patto as the opening act. Patto's drummer, John Halsey, once said in an interview that Lee was fascinated by the playing of their guitarist, Ollie Halsall, and that he used to ride in Patto's van instead of the TYA tour bus so that he could watch Halsall practice. Ironically, Halsall primarily considered himself a vibes player and had taught himself guitar only a couple of years earlier.

For Patto's third and final album, released in 1972, Halsall mostly played piano, having even more recently taught himself that, too, but the album does include one live-in-the-studio, guitar-centered cut:

Halsall and Halsey are best known, to the extent that they're known at all, for Halsey's having played Barry Wom, drummer of the Rutles, in "All You Need Is Cash," the Lorne Michaels/Eric Idle mockumentary spoofing the career of the Beatles. Neil Innes (Bonzo Dog Band, Monty Python) wrote the songs for that movie, and Halsey and Halsall played drums, guitar, and bass and sang. (Halsall, who looked quite a bit like McCarthy, was originally cast in the Paul McCartney/Dirk McQuickly role, but Michaels decided that Eric Idle needed to have a starring role in the movie and cast him instead.)

Another Patto cut, from the same album:

Hondo Gravel 03-04-21 08:16 AM

Hondo Gravel 03-04-21 08:21 AM

skidder 03-04-21 08:27 AM

I'm old enough to remember this 70's gem:

Digger Goreman 03-04-21 09:23 AM

The true gods of prog rock: Jethro Tull

"Good Heavens, now Ian Anderson wants us to think! Headline from Disc & Music Echo about the album Aqualung."

Ian and Martin still making music (though separately) after 53 years.

Hondo Gravel 03-04-21 02:45 PM

My neck is still sore today from head banging to this in the 80s

J.Higgins 03-04-21 05:23 PM

J.Higgins 03-04-21 05:29 PM

Squeeze 03-04-21 06:03 PM

For those who like streaming internet radio, you might like this site. The between-song chatter and comedy shorts can be NSFW, but the music is good and not the same old "greatest hits" over and over.

Hondo Gravel 03-04-21 08:48 PM

thook 03-04-21 10:38 PM

Originally Posted by big john (Post 21951193)

i've listened to this album over and over countless times growing up. such a masterpiece. i even quoted a line from this song in my high school year book

"then it was, and then it again it will be. though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea"

skidder 03-05-21 09:55 AM

22 posts on this thread and no Black Sabbath? Whoa, we're slipping as we age! Here ya go:

Squeeze 03-05-21 02:09 PM


thook 03-05-21 04:00 PM

i don't think these guys got/get the notoriety of popularity that other bands of the era did/do. at least, not this early line up. but, for the era, they were so different, in my book. years ago, i played a track off their first album "trespass" for a young man half my age. i thought he might appreciate the talent and history. all he did was laugh. i get it, though. so foreign to his ears. his favorite band was "system of down". <<< meh

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