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Medium Size Dog 07-22-21 10:44 PM

Beck: Heart Is A Drum
Jimmy Eat World: The Middle
Aterciopelados: Luz Azul. Live is good, I prefer album cut video

Hondo Gravel 07-22-21 10:45 PM

This song cheers me up.

chewybrian 07-23-21 02:58 AM

Originally Posted by Kat12 (Post 22153950)
I was in a store recently and this was playing... half the people I passed were singing along...

ooga-booga 07-23-21 03:38 AM

ooga-booga 07-23-21 03:46 AM

ooga-booga 07-23-21 03:47 AM

ooga-booga 07-23-21 03:50 AM

ooga-booga 07-23-21 04:01 AM

ooga-booga 07-23-21 04:13 AM

Stadjer 07-23-21 06:17 AM

Maybe the studio version is slighty better but I feel good about this stage too.

majmt 07-23-21 06:37 AM

Feel-good vibe.

I-Like-To-Bike 07-23-21 07:04 AM

Originally Posted by clemsongirl (Post 22152435)
Occasionally a particular song is what we need to bring a smile, turn our mood around or just makes us want to dance. :thumb: Music is a great escape and listening to a favorite song can bring a smile to our face when needed and change an entire state of mind from negative to positive. This thread is for songs manifesting only feel good vibes.

Aretha's singing always put me in a good mood. This performance still brings tears of joy.
Note watch and listen to Aretha and and crowd reaction, and try to excuse, if possible the gross overreacting of Carole King, she was the honoree (along with George Lucas) of this Kennedy Center event, and it was a song that she wrote.

Another winner from Aretha:

mtnbud 07-23-21 07:32 AM

nondes 07-23-21 07:57 AM

skidder 07-23-21 08:17 AM

Not so much the vocals, but I love the instrumental parts of this song; a little slow, as blues should be played. Add to it Jimi's 'timbre'/'touch' on the guitar, the easy-going, relaxed sound he produces and its just perfection. :thumb:

This young lady does a good job on it, too:

skidder 07-23-21 08:23 AM

Also got to include this old Billie Holiday tune, BS&T's version. Same slow bluesy feel with some nice horns and vocals:

Billie Holiday's original:

I-Like-To-Bike 07-23-21 10:17 AM

Originally Posted by DiabloScott (Post 22153385)
I think a lot of people in here don't dance!

Different strokes for different folks is the name of this game; obviously.
Andy Williams' version of this song is probably the preferred version for some of our Fooish Bros.

skijor 07-23-21 04:47 PM

majmt 07-23-21 07:03 PM

clemsongirl 07-24-21 12:25 AM

ooga-booga 07-24-21 02:16 AM

majmt 07-24-21 03:16 AM

There was a time, not long ago, that a flag waving mob was not necessarily a cause for alarm.

ooga-booga 07-24-21 03:40 AM

Stadjer 07-24-21 09:42 AM

Originally Posted by chewybrian (Post 22153681)

Glad we can shorten the name Israel Kamakawiwo'ole to Iz Kamakawiwo'ole, otherwise it would be hard to pronounce.

nondes 07-24-21 10:36 AM

We all need a bit of Viv Stanshall now and then!

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