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I-Like-To-Bike 08-29-21 01:24 PM

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Originally Posted by clemsongirl (Post 22152435)
Occasionally a particular song is what we need to bring a smile, turn our mood around or just makes us want to dance. :thumb: Music is a great escape and listening to a favorite song can bring a smile to our face when needed and change an entire state of mind from negative to positive. This thread is for songs manifesting only feel good vibes.

Usually I listen to audiobooks downloaded to an mp3 player while bicycling or downloaded on to a thumbdrive when driving alone. Occasionally I take a break or am in-between book titles and listen to the music genre that always makes me smile; no need for visuals to appreciate this music.
Latest playlist to play shuffled when in the mood:

Hondo Gravel 08-29-21 02:46 PM

This song gets my blood pumping. Going to Dallas on Wednesday to get a second dose. Great Thread Clemson Girl :thumb:

skidder 08-29-21 08:52 PM

Two that always cheer me up when I'm "bummed out":

Jackson Browne's 'For a Dancer':

The Jam's 'Ghosts':

Velo Mule 08-30-21 04:02 PM

It's a goofy video, but this is about music.

clemsongirl 08-31-21 12:38 AM

clemsongirl 09-16-21 03:20 PM

Deal4Fuji 09-17-21 06:39 AM

Originally Posted by ahsposo (Post 22205025)
Oh! To be young again...

:thumb: ... from the same busking event, this video was released Tuesday. Another 3 cover compilation here with their own spin. What really jumps out in their videos is how well recorded these live performances are.

ahsposo 09-17-21 08:04 AM

Like that band!

I-Like-To-Bike 09-17-21 08:52 AM

Deal4Fuji 09-17-21 10:22 AM

Originally Posted by ahsposo (Post 22233921)
Like that band!

'I'm still wondering how they got Keanu Reeves on board ;)

I-Like-To-Bike 09-17-21 01:36 PM

DiabloScott 09-17-21 01:37 PM

I always wanted to name a dog Chifaffa, just to see how many people would smile when they heard it.

Also, I always thought Louis was a bigger guy ... he looks short and thin next to Ella.

jack pot 09-17-21 03:07 PM

3alarmer 09-17-21 05:18 PM

This came up in the Texas thread in P+R

Stadjer 09-18-21 10:10 AM

Originally Posted by Deal4Fuji (Post 22233811)
:thumb: ... from the same busking event, this video was released Tuesday. Another 3 cover compilation here with their own spin. What really jumps out in their videos is how well recorded these live performances are.

His voice reminded me of The Police, which also reminded me of Stewart Copleand, who is a proper reggae drummer and that's what this version lacks.

This one is for being very much on topic, but there's I shot the sherrif in the same concert/playlist too. It's one of those songs I've know for a very long time but have been bored with almost as long, until I heared a version like this.

skijor 01-12-22 11:48 AM

Tracy Chapman cover

Korina 01-13-22 08:30 PM

I never get tired of this.

SurferRosa 01-13-22 11:20 PM

"Feel good songs ...". :foo:

That doesn't sound like my cup of tea.

skidder 01-14-22 09:33 AM

Bad Religion/New America:

Rancid/Honor is all We Know:

The Interrupters/ By My Side:

Zinger 01-14-22 02:17 PM

Originally Posted by 3alarmer (Post 22234843)

Junior played an undersung sax. Perhaps my favorite on that instrument and that's considering Lester Young.

I'll answer that with something from the era

Speaking of good musicians, That's the all white Muscle Shoals Studio Rythm Section aka Swampers Behind Wilson on all his best recordings. Same for Aretha Franklin and a list of others too long to type.

Bob Ross 01-20-22 03:26 PM

"Feel good" isn't typically a quality I seek out in my music selection, but this is the first tune that came to mind:

Joe Bikerider 01-20-22 10:54 PM

For my friend Julie who lives right outside Reno

Deal4Fuji 01-21-22 09:11 AM

Another song of empowerment - Emmy Meli's performance video just released yesterday


skidder 01-21-22 08:24 PM

How about some Joe Satriani? It always cheers me up:

Or maybe some more traditional orchestra music courtesy of Aaron Copeland:

Same song, the 'rock-n-roll' version by ELP:

skidder 01-27-22 08:52 AM

How about some surf music to make your day a little 'cheerier' (is that even a word?). And an RIP for Bob Bogle, the last of the Ventures founding members who passed last week:

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