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I-Like-To-Bike 01-29-22 01:35 PM

Today I took a break from R&B and am listening to a two-hour playlist titled Good Vibrations.
Good Vibrations Freegal Playlist
Check with your library to see if you can sign in to Freegal, a free music streaming service with tons of good music from all genre

I-Like-To-Bike 01-29-22 08:40 PM

One of the best songs from the Good Vibrations Playlist above:

I-Like-To-Bike 01-30-22 09:47 PM

Another song with a Good Vibe(rations) theme:

But for the real thing:


Deal4Fuji 02-02-22 10:01 AM

Originally Posted by Deal4Fuji (Post 22382150)
Another song of empowerment - Emmy Meli's performance video just released yesterday


...and another video out Monday with Emmy & friends, including Tessa Violet.

missinglink 02-03-22 09:12 PM

From the movie "Tully"

Deal4Fuji 02-04-22 08:41 AM

Deal4Fuji 02-11-22 09:20 AM

skidder 03-08-22 08:38 PM

I'm not much of a jazz fan, but this one always puts a smile on my face. From a well-loved T.V. show, too:

Deal4Fuji 04-01-22 08:03 AM

A happy-catchy love song from the Ink Generation

skidder 04-01-22 07:23 PM

Have I already posted these two Bill Withers gems? Feeling right for my mood today, probably be humming them on my Saturday morning ride: :)

jack pot 04-02-22 09:20 AM

jack pot 04-02-22 09:22 AM

jeneralist 04-08-22 08:44 PM

One of those songs that makes me feel good no matter who sings it!

The originals...

...or a cover that's 20 years old, with a La Di Da Di medley!

I-Like-To-Bike 04-10-22 07:30 AM

Jon Batiste:

Freedom Two Versions:

Deal4Fuji 04-29-22 07:09 AM

who doesn't enjoy a good lamp dance ?

bikecrate 04-29-22 07:46 AM

Shonen Knife - Jump into the New World:

bikecrate 04-29-22 07:47 AM

The Interrupters - Title Holder:

Hondo Gravel 04-29-22 08:35 AM

Deal4Fuji 05-05-22 12:32 AM

Originally Posted by jeneralist (Post 22466290)

...or a cover that's 20 years old, with a La Di Da Di medley!

Nice, did they recruit Allen Ginsberg too ?

Deal4Fuji 05-08-22 07:11 AM

Deal4Fuji 05-12-22 05:10 AM

♫ even the white kids ♫ :lol:

clemsongirl 06-10-22 11:41 PM

I-Like-To-Bike 06-11-22 06:23 AM

and in the spirit of Father's Day:

clemsongirl 07-24-22 10:26 PM

Kat12 07-25-22 08:13 PM

Mine for today (it's been stuck in my head):

Dunno. The interpretation I take of this song, which may be way off, is about a guy in a relationship that isn't all drama and butterflies, but is more mature and stable. "I know you won't let me down, 'cause I'm already standing on the ground." IOW, no big dramatic high to lose after the "honeymoon period" goes away... just a solid romance you can count on. Kind of cool in a world where I see so many folks in dysfunctional relationships with people who are nutters, drama llamas, immature, etc. because they think "drama/trainwreck" = "passion" and that if a relationship isn't on the path to crash-and-burn, it's too "boring" to engage in and/or must not really be love. (It's too bad so many people mistakenly confuse "crazy" for "passion.")

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