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KingTermite 12-11-05 06:15 AM

Gymnastics Bloopers

SpiderMike 12-14-05 01:22 PM

Milk Shake

DannoXYZ 12-14-05 11:08 PM

Here's the psycho lady from coming back from her wife-swap:

Now I know why they used to stone people back in the old days...

KingTermite 12-15-05 03:19 AM


Originally Posted by DannoXYZ
Here's the psycho lady from coming back from her wife-swap:

Now I know why they used to stone people back in the old days...

Holy Cow, Batman!!! That's the most crazy biatch psycho scene I think I've ever seen in my life. That woman was certifiable......feel sorry for that family.

KingTermite 12-15-05 10:19 AM

I just realized I had accidentally posted these in the CTL-V thread instead of here.

The Backwards Bowler

I never heard of Tom Mabe, but these jokes were hilarious!!

Probably my favorite Chapelle clip of all time.

bbattle 12-15-05 12:53 PM

Funny video of that evil woman, Angelina Jolie, that homewrecker. Not suitable for work.

SpiderMike 12-16-05 11:05 AM

And its cycling related!!!! Not a wipe out video either.

bbattle 12-16-05 11:46 AM

Another one not suited for work, or anyplace else. Merton, this one's for you.

KingTermite 12-17-05 07:10 AM

The Pogo Unicycle - MTB style

**WARNING** Some adult ads on page, not work safe.

KingTermite 12-17-05 07:22 AM

Andrew's Insane Mind

KingTermite 12-17-05 07:22 AM

Not a video....but a funny link nonetheless.

The Wizard of Oil (A Dubya rib)

KingTermite 12-17-05 07:35 AM

Life is short, play more Xbox.

KingTermite 12-17-05 07:36 AM

Perfect man is hard to find...

KingTermite 12-17-05 07:40 AM

Sarah Silverman: Give the Jew Girl Toys

KingTermite 12-17-05 07:46 AM

Stomp: Kitchen

Portis 12-17-05 04:02 PM

SpiderMike 12-19-05 11:26 AM

From Ebaumsworld. Physics teacher wipes out on rollers

bbattle 12-20-05 10:07 AM

SpiderMike 12-20-05 10:17 AM

SNL - Lazy Sunday (Narnia Rap)

KingTermite 12-20-05 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by SpiderMike
SNL - Lazy Sunday (Narnia Rap)

Would have been much better if they'd just keep it short enough to get the point across. It's not funny enough to sit through the entire 3 or 4 minutes.

KingTermite 12-21-05 06:50 AM

Windows NT Support Group

Prisoner 12-21-05 06:55 AM

More Funny Vids here:

KingTermite 12-21-05 07:04 AM

Here's a weird on.......a poorly done instructional video (apparently for girls) about having a period. It looks pretty old....circa late 60's or early 70's I'd guess. Anybody ever actually remember seeing this video in school before?

**WARNING** A few adult ads on page, NOT work safe.

KingTermite 12-21-05 07:10 AM

Great little practical joke

KingTermite 12-23-05 06:24 AM

TINY toy helicopter that really flies.

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