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curt in denver 01-17-06 08:12 PM
Just a bike race.

curt in denver 01-17-06 08:23 PM

Locals doing some singletrack in the Swiss Alps.

curt in denver 01-17-06 08:30 PM

Blue hair on a bike.

SpiderMike 01-17-06 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by Taerom
Oh man, that was awesome! Here's my video submission. The toon on this page is so funny and you WILL get the song stuck in your head!


Originally Posted by curt in denver

WE need a DJ to do a remix with those two songs. ... can get both out of my head.

curt in denver 01-17-06 08:42 PM

Biking in China, Great music.

curt in denver 01-17-06 08:57 PM
Daily commute with funny intro.

curt in denver 01-17-06 09:19 PM

Sorry if some of these have been posted, I was too lazy to look.

curt in denver 01-17-06 10:16 PM

Not real, but funny

curt in denver 01-17-06 10:20 PM

c-lown 01-17-06 10:32 PM

If these have been posted then boo for me because I'm too lazy to look.

System of a Down - Chop Suey parody

Emo Kid Diary

SNL - "Lazy Sunday" Chronicles of Narnia rap

Leeroy Jenkins

FPS Doug

curt in denver 01-17-06 10:46 PM

A bum unveils his new new Whip

KingTermite 01-18-06 02:53 PM

Bill Gates runs like a girl

SpiderMike 01-18-06 05:13 PM

I wish I could play guitar like this guy....

KingTermite 01-18-06 08:37 PM

Free Photobooth


KingTermite 01-19-06 10:39 AM

Bush Impersonator

msviolin57 01-23-06 12:32 AM

I apologize if this has already been posted, but it's really funny! Why don't we have commercials like this? :)

markhr 01-31-06 07:33 PM

back when bikes were rigid, neon fashionable and skis long'n'straight

DannoXYZ 02-01-06 09:58 PM

This isn't funny or cool, but I think you guys should take a look at this:
Cop Shooting Video

slvoid 02-01-06 10:37 PM

This is one tough auto...

sunninho 02-14-06 02:39 PM

This is soooooo mean... feel for the little guy, cuz I've been there too :o

* jack * 02-14-06 03:12 PM

Traffic Calming by DJ, A.K.A Vehicular Crossfading:

DannoXYZ 02-14-06 04:45 PM

Boys will be boys - motorcycle stuntz
Streetfire - Funny as hell

peregrine 02-28-06 03:27 PM

This is actually a game but it's funny

Try your luck, see if you can get certified (Linky)

[edit] oh and you probably want the music on :D

TexasGuy 02-28-06 03:32 PM

I got 7 and 8 . The beer factor does not seem to impair any factor of the aiming or maneuvering as I scored the sam regardless of how many I chose :p

markhr 03-29-06 06:07 AM

very nice freebord edit

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