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Zinger 11-18-13 06:57 AM

(warning - NSFW language)

Former super-featherweight champion Rocky Lockridge is approached by some unknowing fool on the street who wants to fight. (Probably put up to it by his peers)

ahsposo 11-19-13 05:13 PM

ahsposo 11-20-13 04:52 AM

Uh, it wasn't private when I posted it.

I found it on the HufPo.

Dan Burkhart 11-20-13 12:34 PM

Who wouldn't want a pet bison.
When he gets too big for the house, you can fill the freezer.

skijor 11-20-13 12:36 PM

You want a toe? I can get you a toe. Or an ear, believe me. There are ways, Dude.

skijor 12-01-13 02:57 PM

He's even in the credits. :roflmao2:

JonnyHK 12-01-13 07:42 PM

One for the music geeks.

Very cool sound from this.

jbchybridrider 12-02-13 01:49 AM

Testing bullet proof glass, that's confidence for ya.

skijor 12-03-13 11:05 AM

Wowee Zowee

c0urt 12-03-13 05:31 PM

Dan Burkhart 12-05-13 03:16 PM

skijor 12-10-13 10:26 AM


ahsposo 12-10-13 05:55 PM

For you Space buffs! This is pretty cool...

Best in full screen mode...

c0urt 12-15-13 12:41 PM

ahsposo 12-15-13 02:27 PM

That was an interesting, yet stupid 30 minutes.

Highly recommended.

c0urt 12-15-13 05:17 PM

the commetary is kinda epic

Zinger 12-15-13 09:20 PM


Originally Posted by c0urt (Post 16332618)
the commentary is kinda epic

Yeah I got to see all of the Arnold Schwarzenegger violence that
I'd been missing all in one flick, lol. I still don't know that he slayed
more bad guys than old Mucus McCain did though. He killed several
a week for years. We used to bet on his kill count per episode when
we were kids.

And I'm sure this is missing some.

c0urt 12-15-13 10:05 PM

wow, he had no problem with human shields and shooting the horse.
I miss the days back before government intervention, and thinking about the KIDS

skijor 12-16-13 12:25 PM

ahsposo 12-17-13 08:48 PM


Originally Posted by c0urt (Post 16332618)
the commentary is kinda epic

Reminded me MST3000 or whatever it was. A couple of disinterested robots in a theater, dissing the movie.

Very cool...

ahsposo 12-17-13 08:48 PM

c0urt 12-21-13 04:01 PM

ahsposo 12-21-13 04:08 PM

Kind of Kafka-esque...

ahsposo 12-21-13 05:36 PM

OK, I admit I've been looking at vimeo's top 10 list.

Here's another and it's cool....

c0urt 12-23-13 11:56 AM

my contribution to Christmas videos

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