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MattP. 09-25-05 09:22 AM

Got a question for all you Sprint users. Do any of you phones have Sim cards? Cause my phone didn't come with a sim card and its really making me mad. I want to buy a phone off my friend, and if i had a sim card, i could just pop it in, but i dont. Has anyone that has Sprint bought a phone somewhere else (not from Sprint) and been able to use it? If so, what did you do not having a sim card? Does anyone know if you can bring a phone into Sprint, they they can put you plan on it or whatever? It's really bugging that I can only buy phones from Sprint, i really want to get this phone from my friend :D

Thanks all

catatonic 09-25-05 11:07 AM

nope. I think the Nokias might, but I know the Sanyo I have does not (I think it's the's the rubberized flip phone...super rugged).

...either way, I'm pretty dissapointed with sprint...I'm looking for a better provider...might try T-Mobile, since they gave me a heck of an offer on a Razer v3.

hi565 09-25-05 12:41 PM

Verizon's Where Its AT!

Sprint is mere nothing!

Also Cingular/At&t is mad bad.

My dad has used probably every service. (well almost) and Verizon has done the best in terms of Service, Phones, and getting a signal. So please hit up the Verizon store near you. :)

You wont regret it.

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