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hi565 10-01-05 10:53 AM


:beer: :bday: :beer: :bday: :beer: :bday: :beer: :bday:

Go ride your heart out, or get some new stuff.
or both :)

TheKillerPenguin 10-01-05 12:57 PM

happy birthday Chris!

Fun facts: Sputnik was originally supposed to launch on October 1st before it was delayed to october 4th

Former supreme court justice Rehnquist was born on October 1st

Guest 10-01-05 01:02 PM

Happy birthday, prodigal son! :D ;)

Or, at least I hope you had a great birthday, since it's already Oct. 2nd!

:bday: :beer: :bday:


Gojohnnygo. 10-01-05 01:53 PM

Happy Birthday Chris.

Its good to see that you're riding more in the twilight zone ;) Night riding is the best.

Birthdays come an go just like sunrise and sunset.


Karldar 10-01-05 01:54 PM

:beer:...and lots of it!

megaman 10-01-05 09:23 PM

:bday: :bday:
Have one for me :beer:

MsVicki 10-01-05 09:31 PM

Chris L 10-01-05 10:36 PM

Thanks everyone. Actually, a lot of my recent time has been spent studying for a CPA exam which is on November 4, largely because I want to make a statement this time.

iamlucky13 10-02-05 07:19 PM

WOW! I share birthdays with an Australian gorilla! Happy birthday man. Good luck with the CPA exams.

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