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genericbikedude 10-10-05 08:50 PM

Once and for all, which is the coolest and most badass and would win in an ultimate fighting championship?

Fugazi Dave 10-10-05 08:52 PM

Catgirls with katanas and hand grenades > all

dustinlikewhat 10-10-05 08:52 PM

why were vampirates overlooked?

wearyourtruth 10-10-05 08:52 PM

robots are going to be the end of us all

killsurfcity 10-10-05 08:55 PM

bikini girls with machine guns

Msngr 10-10-05 08:56 PM

c'mon, vikings were badass.

*edit* OK, bikini girls with machine guns.

BlueBrew 10-10-05 08:57 PM

40 Midgets Arrgghh

pitboss 10-10-05 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by Msngr
c'mon, vikings were badass.

*edit* OK, bikini girls with machine guns.

get back in your little hole Msngr - oh, nice Cramps reference though.

lala 10-10-05 08:59 PM

I think I'm dating myself when I vote for: Ninjas!

rykoala 10-10-05 09:06 PM


Originally Posted by lala
I think I'm dating myself ......

Its not like anybody else would...

edit: Pirates, duh. ARrrr.

inkdwheels 10-10-05 09:18 PM

Ninjas.. always. Had a similar discussion with friends the other day of ninjas vs pirates. No one would listen to me, So i knocked em all out and dissapeared in a cloud of smoke.

genericbikedude 10-10-05 09:24 PM

It seems that Pirates aren't doing too well a 2 against 7 for ninjas. But aren't vikings really just old-skool pirates? That would bring it to 7-6. On the other hand, isn't Santa a ninja?

Msngr 10-10-05 09:24 PM

wait a sec. would santa have the reindeer?

what about santa's helpers?

cuz if santa gets his posse, i gotta change my vote.

stinkyonions 10-10-05 09:28 PM

be well versed

ninjas vs pirates #1
ninjas vs pirates #2

but now that we added vikings and others to the list, it gets confusing. you have to remember the vikings were bred in a part of the world that is pretty dark for almost half the year. that alone gives them the warrior blood advantage in a battle. you can totally hear them coming as they sail in their ships but they are indestructible beasts.

HereNT 10-10-05 10:03 PM

Machine Gun Bikini Babes

Oh yeah, pics.

redfooj 10-10-05 10:06 PM

hurricane Ditka

jimmy_jazz 10-10-05 10:11 PM

this poll is useless without zombies

Jamtastic 10-10-05 10:16 PM

vampires. supernatural strength. just dont bring wood.

explody pup 10-10-05 10:17 PM

I didn't see zombies on the list...


Originally Posted by jimmy_jazz
this poll is useless without zombies

I guess I should read the entire thread before posting next time...

Hslater 10-10-05 10:19 PM

I'd be betraying my FSM roots if I didn't vote pirate, arrrrrrr....

BlueBrew 10-10-05 10:24 PM

Midget Midget Midget

zelah 10-10-05 10:26 PM


running linux

Dogbait 10-10-05 10:32 PM

Vikings, 'cause they look like Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill... and... They're bad, They're nationwide.


dolface 10-11-05 12:25 AM

jeez you guys are dumb: bikini girls!

lux and and poison ivy all the way! (okay, maybe if they got waylaid by a gang of midget ninja zombie clown vampires riding robot werewolves, they MIGHT lose, but i'm betting on them [and santa is RIGHT out, so don't even bring that fat, coal-stuffing bastard up])

griffin_ 10-11-05 12:28 AM

its was a really tough call between pirates and ninjas for me

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