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trekkie820 12-05-05 05:56 PM

Where do our oil profits go?

ChAnMaN 12-05-05 05:59 PM

this place looks pretty sweet

DannoXYZ 12-05-05 11:23 PM

Actually executive pay and preferred-stock dividends are up big time. Leaving net-profits at the same levels as before with a huge increase in revenues...

slvoid 12-05-05 11:25 PM

They're also building the world's tallest skyscraper, like 3500ft...

EJ123 12-05-05 11:56 PM

thats like 3/5 a mile dang.

[bEn] 12-06-05 12:06 AM

Or 1066 metres. That is massive. :eek:

slvoid 12-06-05 06:00 AM

Sorry... only 800 meters. :)

[bEn] 12-06-05 06:09 AM

When do they expect to finish that? Should take a while.

huhenio 12-06-05 06:57 AM

they should make a super slide around that thing ... and let the executives use it first.

Guest 12-06-05 07:03 AM

Chicago is building 2 skyscrapers (or at least in the final phase of approval). Each will be over 2000 feet high, not including spires.

Yuck. I got out just in time.


cydewaze 12-06-05 10:04 AM

With that "city on the waterfront" thing, they'd better hope they don't get an offshore eathquake or anything like that.

Didn't the tsunami teach these people anything?

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