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slvoid 12-06-05 02:42 PM

Shoe spikes..
Yea so I found this new way to mount spikes onto my shoes for walking in the winter.
Take a 3/8" sheet metal screw, then get an external tooth crown washer and place it with the crown facing the head of the screw. Then find the grooves between the lugs in the shoes and screw it in there.
The external tooth washer provides a lot more grip.

Namenda 12-06-05 02:49 PM

No good for bowling, eh?

hi565 12-06-05 02:51 PM

Just get some crampons! :D (those are similar to the ones I have)

or get a pair of these so you don't need to wreck shoes...

CastIron 12-06-05 03:40 PM

Both my Sidi Dominators and Lake 301's have ready spots for the spikes. Love 'em in winter!

phantomcow2 12-06-05 03:53 PM

Well, take some pictures of your shoes

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