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markhr 12-08-05 06:04 AM

you spin me right rou...

The Seldom Kill 12-08-05 06:29 AM

That's a little disturbing.

However, I was in Acton last night so it doesn't surprise me.

markhr 12-08-05 07:11 AM

thank your lucky stars you got out alive - it could have been much worse involving the redback, barmaids, bottle banks and.....noooooooo, aaargh

SpokesInMyPoop 12-08-05 10:30 AM

I was gonna start dancing, but I saw that lame wreath being spun around and realized there is no tune to shimmy to.


SpokesInMyPoop 12-08-05 10:52 AM

ahh screw it.

*edit: my gif is better :)*

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