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phantomcow2 01-04-06 03:28 PM

"Surprise" shipping charge on ebay
Well i bid and bought two pieces of aluminum extrusion on ebay from a fairly large outlet. The auction said to use the UPS calculate cost page to get approximate shipping charges.
Typically metal like this is shipped with just plastic wrapping or nothing, so i assume the weight was the shipping weight they said on the auction, about 14 pounds all together.
Its long narrow stuff.

2 extrusions, 1"x2" and 48" length
1 extrusion 1" by 1" and 68" length

It just seems like the shipping charges are an awful lot, what do you think?

hi565 01-04-06 03:30 PM

hmm what are the prices?

You kind of missed that part! ;) :D

phantomcow2 01-04-06 03:36 PM

9.35 per 2x1
12.99 for the 1"

phantomcow2 01-04-06 03:40 PM

Okay it turns out teh whole thing is 12 pounds, 4 pounds/piece.
According to the UPS website ASSUMING the package dimensions are:
68x2x1 (which makes sense if they are bundled together which seller said they will be)
ANd that they have a daily pickup
and have a UPS accound

Total for ground from zip 46725 is.........

Stacey 01-04-06 07:49 PM

12 bucks for 12 pounds from Indiana... sounds about right to me.

phantomcow2 01-04-06 07:53 PM

Yea but they are charging me 24. Indiania to NH

Stacey 01-04-06 07:58 PM

Contact the seller, state your case with the information recieved from the shipping estimator module. You never know till you ask and the worst they can say is no. Right? ;)

phantomcow2 01-04-06 08:00 PM

Yea i did contact. Well, the deal was still good even with the shipping charges so high, so i did pay.

slvoid 01-04-06 09:57 PM

Overnight DHL on a 10lb box is $66.37 if you're an individual.
On our business account, we can ship the same thing overnight for $6 bucks.

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