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Blazinall91 01-05-06 12:09 AM

If you guys all don't mind, what do you do, how much do you make yearly (or hourly, depending on which is more pertainent), what does your job entail (what do you do in your job) also your personal feelings on the outlook of your job in coming years

Maelstrom 01-05-06 12:29 AM

Wow thats a big question. Living in an area with an immediate 20,000$ paycut due to well...its a resort, its typical. I make 50,000$ cdn a year as a manager of IT for a large hotel and medium sized corporate WAN. As for what the job entails. Thats hard to pin down, here are some "averages".

1 - small - mid level project planning
2 - thin web application software development. Mostly in the form of CMS's and full flow AD authenticated web forms
3 - general network maintenance on a multi city wan as well as a hotel lan (primary job)
4 - general IT support calls (I HATE this part of my job..."whats wrong with my printer"...."turn it on, quit, go to school and call me in the morning")
5 - really anything else IT. Large scale rollouts, small scale upgrades. Depends on the year and the corporate mandate, this is going to be a big spring with 3 projects that need to take place at once, one of which is being mandated by head office. Also general it security and network building. Routing. Anything really, whatever comes to mind that could make the network more efficient I could potentially implement.
6 - telephony programming and repair with potential voip rollout later this year. Good ole qnix...I enjoy this part of my job

Really these isn't much I am not involved in when it comes to IT. The scope of my work is pretty versatile.

Like I said, in a resort, just living here needs be of value to you. If it isn't, the lower salaries will never make you happy. I place about a 20,000$ value on the mountains. That puts me even with the city ;)...

gcasillo 01-05-06 12:31 AM


Originally Posted by Blazinall91
If you guys all don't mind, what do you do, how much do you make yearly (or hourly, depending on which is more pertainent), what does your job entail (what do you do in your job)

I'm not sure, not enough, and too much. :)

Blazinall91 01-05-06 12:35 AM

i guess i should throw my two cents in.

I'm 19 and looking for a career path basically, seeing careers, and what is involved should either hwet my appetite or deter me from it. I have so many interests i'm finding it hard to choose a path.

right now i work for a major convenience store company (Quiktrip) as a part-time clerk

i make $7.50 and hour plus anniversary based bonuses, customer service bonuses, holiday bonuses and also paid vaction time. with potential for promotion

this job involves pretty much anything you could imagine in a gas station/ convenience store
-preparing hot dogs and such
-cleaning and maintaining (lots of it too)
-waiting on customers
-stocking inventory
-putting away orders recieved
and the list could go on

scr1be 01-05-06 01:28 AM

i'm a college student. i don't make money yearly, but i do make a few bucks hourly depending on what part-time job i hump through while attending classes. i'm graduating this may with a degree in computer science and psychology, at which time i will owe about 70,000 dollars in loans.

hopefully, i get a 55 to 80k job, doing something other than sitting in front of a computer 50+ hours a week programming.

i've applied to a few jobs, but i'm hoping to get a job in e-forensics, either based here in massachusetts, or new york, ny.

hopefully after i get my career going, i will have opportunities to move up within the company, make more money, invest some of it, get into real estate, and maybe start my own company someday. but hey, i'm 23, who knows what's going to happen.

DannoXYZ 01-05-06 01:29 AM

My last job was 12-years ago working part-time to put myself through school. I was working for a software firm making $12.50/hr as an "Industry Analyst" of the bicycling industry. Also managed a network of SUNs running SunOS 4 and Solaris, along with a bunch of PCs as terminals for data-entry.

My outlook for the future is to remain unemployed forever...

Ed Sweeney 01-05-06 01:35 AM

I restore classic British cars on the side while I prepare for a career in the automotive industry. I just graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia this winter. The shop is called Motorcar Garage. Check out the link to see what I do. I make $14 an hour, but I would do it for free if I had to.

sunninho 01-05-06 01:48 AM

I'm a senior systems engineer for an internet company that provides online student services, including college admissions, financial aid, counselor assistance, etc. I maintain a Microsoft/Cisco network, database servers and web servers. I've been doing this for over 7 years so my yearly salary is now about 80,000.

I finished college as a Political Science major, however, and started out doing social work. I'm 33. I really wanna quit and go back to school to study something unrelated to computers.

harov3 01-05-06 03:02 AM

Mech engineer, recent graduate (mature age student). Snapped up by the Royal Australian Navy.

Flak 01-05-06 03:20 AM

The navy eh?

You going to have to serve on a ship? Can you take your bike? I'm sure you could do some interesting street on a warship :)

HereNT 01-05-06 04:55 AM

I make 35-37,000 a year running laser printers and setting up the files to print. Started out at Kinkos working the third shift, then finally moved to real print shops after about five years. The shop I'm in now is pretty cutting edge - I get to beta test software for Xerox and stuff. But a lot of changes are happening there now, I'm thinking I might want to find something else.

It wasn't really anything that I thought was going to be a 'career' when I started, I just turned out to be good at it and the money is OK. When I was younger, I was kind of like you, too many options. I managed to drop out of both high school and college...

The Seldom Kill 01-05-06 05:09 AM

I'm a temp contracted to the Civil Service and for doing arcane things with Excel and knowing a hell of a lot about the Freedom of Information Act I get paid the measly sum of 11.19 and hour.

KingTermite 01-05-06 05:37 AM

Like Maelstrom said...that's a BIG question. There are many, many factors just hearing answers of what people do and how much they make is not very imformative. There is a LOT to do with where people live as well.....I could be "equivalent" in NYC and be making about $30,000 or $40,000 more than my current salary.

That being said....I'm a software engineer (EIII - 7 years experience, Masters degree). In Florida (Tampabay area), I'm making about $70,000 per year.

Johnny_Monkey 01-05-06 05:55 AM

I'm an expat working in finance for an international company (in London). I don't feel comfortable talking about how much I earn suffice to say that since leaving university 10 years ago I have always been happy with what I was being paid.

This is also the second country I been moved to by my work - I spent almost 9 years in Australia.

linux_author 01-05-06 05:58 AM

- salary? hmm... depends for me... earlier this year i told the wife unit that i got a job that pays $1,200.00 an hour...

"OK, that's the good news. Now give me the bad news," she said.

"Well hon, I'm only working 10 minutes a week!"


- honestly though, at a bare minimum and thanks to a 4.1 percent COLA, i make $24.15 an hour - based on an imaginary 20-hour work week (retirement pay)

- add in the freelancing, Web blogging, and book royalties, then averaging income over the last nine years , the salary comes out to about $90K a year...

- freelance writing means variable income and requires tax and expense planning... it's not that difficult, but not for everyone...

- the benefit is that i've never had to wear a tie or put on a suit (heck, i don't even have a pair of long pants)... i've also commuted zero miles in almost the last 10 years!

CRUM 01-05-06 06:31 AM

I have made excellent wages. I have made garbage wages. At the moment I think I actually work for nothing. I am a small business owner.

Money has never been tops on my list. Lifestyle and sanity have been my priority. The Lifestyle is great. I'm still working on the sanity thing.

shikaka 01-05-06 06:38 AM

errr i just quit my job... so at the moment im jobless... but i just wanted a holiday b4 i start my new job as a technical support consultent (mind the spelling)... :D:D

LowCel 01-05-06 07:02 AM

Considering that I live in WV I don't get paid much. I am a Traffic Engineer Tech for the government. I don't get paid nearly enough, that's why I don't feel guilty for playing around on bikeforums during the day. Surrounding states pay their techs about $10,000 a year more than I make for doing the same job. I make plenty of additional money from our family business. I would prefer not to say how much, never know who could be reading these things. I also help out at a friends bike shop. Unfortunately I spend much more there than I get paid.

eubi 01-05-06 07:22 AM

Since I picked up that old printing press at the government auction, I can make about $120,000 and hour.

But seriously folks...I'm a Mechanical Engineer with a PE, Masters, and 23 years experience. I design valves for use in submarines and spacecraft. My expertise is in stress analysis and machine design. I really love what I do. Typical pay range in So Cal for this level of experience and responsibility is about $70,000 - $80,000.

On the down side, there are a lot of really smart guys and gals in India (smarter than me) that could do part of my job for 1/10 the salary. Those guys in China are no slouches in the math department either. I could be "outsourced" tomorrow. This is my biggest concern about engineering in the USA. However, due to my cheery disposition, sense of humor, good looks and superior Jedi Mind Control powers, my company probably will keep me around.

Both my sons want to be welders. I'm all for it. At least with welding, you have to BE THERE to do the job. It's hard to outsource a field weld on a large construction job. If they're good at it, I would have no problem setting them up in a business.

Now I have to go earn an MBA...and start earning some REAL money!

msviolin57 01-05-06 07:45 AM

Here's mine: I'm an elementary school teacher. This is my 8th year of teaching, I'm at the highest end of the pay scale (which is based on education and credits), and I made nearly $53,000 last year.

This is my second year of teaching 1st and 2nd grade "gifted" students, and I love it. I hope to do this (or something like this) indefinitely.

LowCel 01-05-06 07:48 AM

Duplicate post thanks to thread merge. :rolleyes:

snowy 01-05-06 07:59 AM

I'm a Paralegal. My salary lastyear was $50,000.00. I do really like my job and I'm super happy in my current position.
My job entails drafting pleadings, case management, handleing all of our bankrupties, managing 4 other paralegals below me, dealing with courts and employers in our manners.
I hope to fininsh my degree and get into higher management one day. I love to manage people in an office environment and I'm actually pretty good at it. :)

Lex 01-05-06 08:06 AM

NO! You quit the happiest place on earth? *shaking head sadly*

Hope you had a nice holiday and New Year,


Originally Posted by shikaka
errr i just quit my job... so at the moment im jobless... but i just wanted a holiday b4 i start my new job as a technical support consultent (mind the spelling)... :D:D

free_pizza 01-05-06 08:06 AM


Originally Posted by Blazinall91
If you guys all don't mind, what do you do,

Traffic Engineer

Originally Posted by Blazinall91
how much do you make yearly (or hourly, depending on which is more pertainent),

None of your Business :D

Originally Posted by Blazinall91
what does your job entail (what do you do in your job)

i read reports and write the odd one here and there.

Originally Posted by Blazinall91
also your personal feelings on the outlook of your job in coming years

errmmmmm, i have no idea.

Ronin 01-05-06 08:08 AM

Auto diagnostic tech. $55k per year for turning off your check engine lights.

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