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mechBgon 01-05-06 03:10 PM

1) IF you happen to be such a tech-head that you enabled a Software Restriction Policy, then either set it to not apply to local Administrators, or revert it to Unrestricted.

2) Uninstall the UNofficial patch if you used it. Then reboot.

3) Go to, scroll down to Affected Software and Download Locations and expand it with the + sign. Click the link next to your version of Windows, and go get your patch :)

4) Reboot the computer after installing the patch.

5) After the reboot, if you had unregistered the Windows Picture & Fax Viewer, you can now re-register it with the command regsvr32 %windir%\system32\shimgvw.dll (paste this into Start > Run and click OK).

(no, there's no patch for Win98, WinME, or Win95 or Win3.11. They're past the end-of-life phase, folks :()

blue_neon 01-05-06 05:47 PM

Yay more patches....when will they stop? Never. Thankyou Microsoft.

mechBgon 01-06-06 01:11 AM

Bump! :)

I installed the patch on all our computers down at work (except the ol' NT4.0 servers), which is about 65 of them on three floors. Now we can laugh in the face of danger again. :)

Now it's time for some...

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