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explody pup 01-07-06 07:44 PM

question about winamp
Is there a way to send the audio as a mono signal? Or maybe in Windows audio control? I can only get the right channel out of my laptop at the moment.

KingTermite 01-07-06 07:50 PM

If you can do's probably a setting from your sound driver. Go in to control panel, sound and audio devices (or something like that) and look through there to see if you have a way to disable the speaker you want.

InfamousG 01-07-06 07:51 PM

Well, you could change your windows settings so that Stereo Sound channels all come from your Right speaker.

Start > Run > "SNDVOL32"

That will bring up the Audio shifters, for your main sound (should be something like "Play Control" or "Main", slide the Right-Left Balancer until you hear everything and not nothing.

It's possible that this sort of thing happened and is the reason why you can only hear out of one of the speakers.

In WinAmp... you can go to the Equalizer (Hit ALT+G or the "Config" arrow on the main window) and there is a Right-Left slider there.

explody pup 01-07-06 07:58 PM

Okay, I looked through Sounds and Audio Devices and System. There's no option for mono external speakers. Not surprising for an onboard soundcard. Oh well. Was worth a shot. Thanks Mr. Termite.

explody pup 01-07-06 08:02 PM

InfamousG, I should have mentioned that I'm using a 1/4" jack to 2x RCA plugs and the 1/4" jack is mono. So putting all the audio to one channel either does not effect anything or completely shuts off all audio. It doesn't send all audio to one channel.

But thanks, nonetheless.

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