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EJ123 01-07-06 11:58 PM

The first bike forumer

heh :D

glock17 01-08-06 12:10 AM

those who don't like the site are not so hot, so they down play it.

EJ123 01-08-06 12:13 AM

Hey its towlie haha!

madbiker555 01-08-06 12:14 AM

The second..although he never posted...

And the Joe!

EJ123 01-08-06 12:23 AM

haha the #2 dude's name is JarJarSucks:lol:

Maelstrom 01-08-06 09:54 AM

Haha, I didn't know ridemonkey used to belong here :)

ChAnMaN 01-30-06 08:08 PM

and here we have the famous 8169th member

and the poor schmuck who joined 10 minutes later and became the unfamous 8170th membe r

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